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9 thoughts on “Julie https://fansly.com/oh_julie , ? the naked online sex chat with hottest babes with a Live HD

  1. You tasting something when you go down on her should NOT be a consideration for her medical procedure! I have never seen anything so selfish or self centered in my life!

  2. I'm often the one telling people not to be jealous, and to trust their spouse etc, but I also believe that the people we spend time with are a reflection of who we are and what we value – and that woman is clearly a bad person with a weird agenda. Your partner should be saying “you were awful to my wife – get wrecked.”

  3. Don't blame yourself for anything. You didn't know.

    If he didn't know he didn't do anything bad either. If he did then it is a whole another question.

  4. Exactly. Just about every person on earth would think this is a deal-breaker. Only deeply unhealthy people like that Duggar family would think you should just stay with someone who was viewing child sexual abuse material.

  5. Yeah we do, I sleep in the guest room beside our kid’s room because I nursed our kid throughout the night and he didn’t want to be woken up a bunch, and our master bedroom is downstairs.

    Yeah there’s a lot of resentment in our relationship sadly. I don’t know how to work on it.

    I did mention in another comment the other things he’s done, so I don’t have to type it all out again heh.

  6. You gave him a boundary and he crossed it after reassuring you he wouldn't. So no, it isn't normal. Why do you need to talk? You told him once and he didn't listen despite agreeing to respect your boundary. Just leave. Make sure he's deleted all traces of your pics before you do though.

  7. He has retreated into a pool of self loathing

    Ya I've dated several men that pull this tactic when caught.

    he made a post basically making me out to be a shrew to some of our friends in a discord channel.

    But you caught him and he was oh so sorry. And that's not who he is. …except it is.

    he can only imagine how much I want to hurt him/get back at him for what he did

    Yep, the boys I've dated and got caught also used this tactic to distract from the real issue.


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