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  1. Have you tried telling him exactly how you feel? Exactly what you want from the relationship? Your feelings should matter to him as much as his do to yours, right?

    Or have you tried the tactic of asking him directly if he has any ideas about what to do about his situation?

    You said he has a therapist – that’s good. But if they aren’t helping, has he considered switching to a new one?

    Not all patients click with all therapists, which isn’t a reflection on them – it’s just life.

    So if he’s not happy with the current one, a new one might help.

    Please note – I’m straight. But I hope these suggestions might give you a place to start – I’m sure there’s plenty of ways in which relationships are similar between gays and straights.

  2. That’s why she has to go find it!!! By cheating on her wonderful husband and breaking apart their family!

  3. So you are talking about marriage and children with a guy that likes… everything that is the opposite of who you are? And wants u act and dress in a way that isn't who you are at your core? At all?


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