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  1. They caught on to fake numbers and started calling right away to check, that's what happened. Giving out social media is easier & she can literally walk away & block them after.

  2. Not every conversation needs to end with a series of “take care, you too, goodbye, goodbye to you, best wishes, good luck”.

  3. She knows exactly how to get her way and you're aware of what she's doing, but you give in because, in the moment, it's easier.

    There's nothing subliminal about it that.

  4. About a year ago I read a similar post in another sub, the woman updated when she got tested positive for HIV, she was awaiting a follow up test and never posted again. Don’t let this be you!!! Your partner is a liar and a cheat, the time to walk away is now – before marriage and kids.

  5. What will you do if she wants to have sex and you aren’t in the mood? Say no? What about when she pressures you and says you must not love her or you think she’s ugly or that your gay if you don’t. Forcing anything in a relationship, especially sexual favors, is a VERY huge red flag

  6. It’s not worth losing him right now. But I don’t want to get older and build up resentment because I haven’t had a chance to explore who I am

  7. I thought she is Asexual? Or was she lieing to you? Maybe she's a sexual for you only. She made it up to not have sex withbyou anymore. Or she has lost all feelings and love for you?

    Why would she stay with you?

  8. I mean why are you even trying to date someone that lives 2 hours away? That sounds like a logistical nightmare.

  9. It’s completely possible with that length of dial that it was a misdial. Like I don’t know how many times of called my aunt because I didn’t realise my phone was unlocked while I was holding my phone while walking around the supermarket. I hear the dial tone on my phone and realise what’s happening and then hit “end-call”. It happens at least twice a week.

  10. And it's not like she told him. He had to find it then pry it out from her. The guilt was easier for her to handle when he didn't know.

  11. If you can't fight with her for yourself do it for your baby. Because I guarantee you that she will do to your little one exactly the same thing she did to you. Do you want to your child go through same abuse? You have to find courage to fight with her. To go no contact with her.

  12. I’m kind of just confused. Why do you assume that everyone has the space, the friends, the atmosphere, the money and to know how to just party at home? Isn’t it disrespectful to neighbours as well.

    Mixing drinks isn’t fun for a lot of people, buying all the parts for drinks is expensive, it’s not really relaxing to have to go and prepare and clean up afterwards versus paying at a bar/club, and there isn’t other people to keep the mood up and exciting. Plus, just because you aren’t interested in other people doesn’t mean your friends don’t want to go out and meet someone..

    I feel like what you’re really asking is if it’s normal to flirt with people at clubs and bars when you’re dating someone and the answer is no. It’s not normal or okay and if you believe that is happening you should have a talk with your partner and understand what’s going on.

  13. Yeah, I don't think teaching someone how to live! independently as an adult when they're an adult is grooming per se.

    It just sounds like you have an immature/inexperienced bf and you're more mature than he is.

  14. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    Hi everyone! My boyfriend (30M) and I (28F) have been dating for over a year now. Since the beginning, we’ve had open and honest conversations about past relationships/hookups. Recently my boyfriend told me that most of his male friends have had sex with 100+ people and when he shared he had “only been” with 20 people, it made him feel embarrassed and his friends also didn’t expect that he had “only” been with that amount of women. He says he is happy in our relationship and wouldn’t trade that but that he also wished he had more experienced. In general, he was never the hooking up type and he had a long relationship during his 20s, therefore he didn’t have the opportunity to experience more of the single life.

    I consider myself an open-minded person and the last thing I want is for my boyfriend to have any regrets in the future, so I have spoken to him about it and also asked him about his though about an open relationship. He didn’t seem that sure about it because it would be hot for him to separate it from cheating and also the thought of me being with other people is also hurtful. In addition, he said this is not something which he thinks about it actively and it also isn’t worrying him that much. However, I’m afraid of him later on regretting and/or breaking up because of this.

    Any thoughts?

  15. Again ok, your making it all sound romantic but you’ve actually got nothing set up,

    Have you sorted out payments plans through a lawyer? Your promises mean nothing in the real world.

    Have you booked time off work to be able to take care of them? Have you looked into getting someone to help with the dog? Do you help with the dog?

    Does she have the equipment she needs now, or coming soon, prams, Oct, bottles etc Saying you’ll get her anything she needs/wants is not good enough, It’s like your waiting for instructions and not what she needs from the babies father at all

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  17. What if they really hit it off, and thought their was potential and wanted to be together? Would you say no then? (If you forbid it or say you are against it then you are a shitty friend and an insecure little bitch.)

  18. I am an atheist and was married to a Mormon for over a decade, it’s very possible to make it work.

    Don’t underestimate the deep seeded guilt those religions implant in people, it’s something that I don’t think I will ever be able to truly understand, I just know it’s very real for them.

  19. Don't tell her you ask strangers if you should fuck your cousin. Omg bro is this where kids are at nowadays?!

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  21. You need to apologize immediately. I’d do it on the same group chat. Tell them what you said here that you are embarrassed and didn’t see the child. Also send sister and her boyfriend a personal apology.

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  23. Do I?

    We're talking here about a woman who's physically ill constantly from smells and touches.

    I don't know why she has to work. But I guess she musters all her strength to go there and wants her husband to at least understand her while she's at home.

    He does not. And from his comments it's clear he doesn't even consider her symptoms to be a real illness.

    Like ..wow.

    You sure any woman would want to want such a person?

  24. They've been dating for 2 years and have a newborn, meaning they conceived and then decided to keep the baby after roughly one year of dating. Terrible decisions all around.

  25. Honestly even if I/we cooked more, the expenditure might only go down 10-15k?

    So honestly I’m only spending 10-15k more for the convenience of not having to cook. That is quite minimal impact on our finances.

  26. If you don’t support the age of consent, why is literally 2/3’s of your defensive comments “it’s not illegal, the age of consent here is 14! I looked it up!”

    It’s weird. It’s gross. This scenario is crooked, and it’s clear you’re not looking for advice and just want to argue about the semantics of this make-believe relationship.

  27. Hello /u/sdrsfhgvh,

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    We are enforcing the two rules listed above by making all titles start with ages/genders in the following format:

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  28. she said it 4 months ago. And I've had situations where someone has liked me and I've developed feelings 2-5 months after idk

  29. I thought that it meant more to her.

    OP, this doesn't mean that your marriage doesn't mean more to her. I get why you're thinking this way but please stop. You're making yourself miserable.

    Look, what she did in her past is what made her the person she is today. All of that is what you fell in love with and asked her to spend the rest of your lives together and she said yes.

    Stay with that.

    For many people they don't realize the seriousness of marriage or even consider it to be any big deal. She may have felt that way when she was younger thus her “sugar dating” period of her life.

    Here's the thing. She grew up. She chose you to settle down with and start and build a life and family together. Unless she's acting suspiciously or given you pause to wonder about her fidelity, there's nothing really here, IMO. It's her past. Her past and her experiences are what made her the person she is today. The person you fell in love with.

    I get that you may be wondering about other aspects of her – it's obvious it is shocking news to you and your feelings are valid.

    Put this into perspective. This is a part of her past. YOU are her now and future.

  30. No one is going to force the child into your home. You need a lawyer to straighten out your side, to tell you your options.

    I am sorry you are one of the rising number of women who were begged to give and surprise pikachu face it us super hot, and you HAVE to do something.

    No you don't, have to do anything,except get a lawyer to protect yourself

  31. I think because so much of it has to do with the fact I opened up emotionally and sexually more than I would with a platonic friend. If it was a relationship and we ended things then it’s easier for me to stay friends because I see it as a journey we went through together but if it just ends at friends here I feel more used emotionally and sexually and inadequate among other things. I’m great friends with any of my exes but any guy I casually dated and it didn’t go further I just haven’t been able to maintain that connection with and maintain a friendship. Should I still tell him that tho? This is a new revelation to me but I don’t want it to seem manipulative or as tho I’m cornering him into a decision. Like would it be better to just tell him that after the fact if he does decide he only wants friendship?

  32. Don’t you think I’d develop feelings over time? I do want it to work but like you said I also don’t want to waste her time, thank you for the reply

  33. Okay Wow…Just WOW! Like what the fucking fuck! You can't make this shit up…Okay sorry My cuss words are out of my system. I'm so disappointed in him!

    I am so sorry…you did absolutely nothing wrong… In fact you showed him that you would be an excellent wife and partner. Keep in mind…the next woman in his life has a big shoes to fill and he will Always compare other women to you. I'm heartbroken for you. You will heal from this. Ultimately he saved you from a divorce and raising 5 damn kids (that sounds miserable to me) clearly there's a better man that can offer you a better quality of life. You're a pretty badass chic to have 3 degrees.

  34. I am sorry, but if your partner is fine you being insulted it shows how little she actually cares about you. Honestly you should leave her and look for someone who will care about you and respect your feelings.

  35. Probably because they know you are checking up on them still. It's a clear sign, they, and you need to move on with your separate luves

  36. Going to be honest – I stopped talking to trashy people that talk about what they hate about others back when I was a teenager.

    How are you friends with this many assholes?

  37. How long have you been together? It’s not cheating, but I also don’t understand why he even disclosed this. Why did he?

  38. seriously. I bought the first box when I was ready to lose my virginity to my long term bf. I figured if I couldn't buy them, I wasn't actually ready.

  39. You don’t seem open to other perspectives. It seems like you may not be ready for a serious relationship as you are expecting your boyfriend to cover your financial expenses. You absolutely should not be moving in with him based on job loss especially when it’s clear your relationship has issues.

  40. This country in question is a third world country, where tourists live! a lavish life meanwhile locals don’t have much money and crime is crazy. It would feel weird and disrespectful to me to visit as a tourist. Almost like a betrayal.

    Isn't that the case for many travel locations worldwide? At the same time, these locations are dependent on tourism to actually have a bit of income.

    It feels like it’s part of me (and it is). I’ve always thought that if i ever go, i want to go with my dad and his family, and i want to spend time there not as a tourist, but as a real person going there to meet family that I’ve never met before. You know, kind of like those TV shows you see where someone traces their roots and gets reintroduced to their past. I’ve always wanted to do that with my dad (who has never been there either) and his brothers and sisters. In fact i know they’re planning to do that soon.

    It's completely okay if you're going with your dad….but while you will explore your roots….you will still be a tourist too at the same time.

  41. Once trust is gone its very, very hot.

    Depending on what the lie is you may want to post on r/survivinginfidelity

    Leaving and ending the relationship is always a valid choice too, please dont feel you have to twist yourself into a pretzel to accept whatever it was that you found just to “stay together”.

    All relationships end and thats ok. Best to you?

  42. Bruh how dumb can you be, if it was going 'so well' why would you even think about trying to get with anyone else? It's on you, he's left now you can't change that

  43. This is the correct way to deal with the situation. A lawyer could request the items be deleted from her phone and everyone else's phones by a neutral 3rd party.

  44. I would have taken it as leaving it there might give the GF the hope of reconciling the relationship (or at least the impression of it). Going so scorched earth to remember to take it provides an additional layer of finality.

  45. A UTI doesn't always mean she had sex. Do you have anything to make you feel that way other than a few selfies and the UTI?

  46. Therapy might be a last ditch effort. But everyone is right, for years now you’ve not taken her seriously and defended your mom. Even now, on the verge of divorce, don’t take her concerns to heart or recognize the damage you’ve done. It would take a lot of work on your part to regain her trust and respect. Are you willing and able to do that work in therapy?

  47. I agree 100% with everyone saying this is abuse and to leave him.

    If he ends up doing this bs to you again between now and when you leave him permanently, grab your house/car keys (and maybe a go-bag), and tell him you will not be coming back until he listens TO YOU. If you can't leave/stay somewhere, lock yourself in another room. He can listen (quietly, without interrupting) from the other side of the door. Maybe not the greatest advice, but that's what I would do in your situation. Remove yourself.

  48. Then that’s clearly something he needs to go though himself, it’s not up to you to decide what challenges he faces in his life, he’ll mature and ask questions, and you’ll be honest, then he’ll understand and with a bit of therapy, become a functioning adult that, hopefully, driven by his father’s example, doesn’t let himself be kicked around by sociopaths

  49. I knew a couple with severely different political views and I was BEGGING for them to break up because it was clear the girl I knew whos liberal was sacrificing a lot just to make sure her trump loving boyfriend wasn't butthurt.

    I think this decision is best for the long term bc the older you get the more you both will want to raise your families differently and support different policies. Dating someone with similar beliefs as you makes everything much easier in the end. If she associated your beliefs with trying to control her body and you associate her beliefs with trying to control your speech then I think it's a lose lose

  50. The abortion comments are quite awful, don’t even care if I get downvoted. Someone pours their situation out live! and gets ABORT. Abortion isn’t always the answer, and just because you would do that doesn’t mean it is the answer for absolutely everyone else. OP, I would tell your boss, that way you’re able to get a better understanding of your situation and what you’re dealing with. You’re an adult now, do what you think is right for you, life isn’t sunshine and rainbows.

  51. First of all, she's old enough to discuss her comfort levels but secondly, it's his house. He's not dressing inappropriately and if they don't like it, they don't have to stay.

  52. So many Reddit posts lately about chess-related interpersonal problems! I'm starting to think that one should avoid playing with romantic partners, close friends & family.

  53. both! i mentioned it around other people but jokingly – at first i didn’t think about it too seriously, and then i thought that maybe he lost it and feels bad or something so i kept on mostly joking.

    i’ll talk with him alone for sure, i have another thing to talk to him about anyways, so why not do both!

    and lastly, he doesn’t really act like he doesn’t know what i’m talking about. he does acknowledge it, but jokes about it or just changes the topic to the id card for example. or to some drawing he just made, etc.

  54. Ooof about to breakup? So I had an ex that started talking to me again, moved full on into flirting and I got the standard bs and him asking if I’d be with him if they divorced. I was around you’re age so a bit to young to just block things, but my response was always “ask me that when you’re legally single”. Surprise last I knew of hi. He was still married to her…and that was over a decade later.

  55. That sounds like a difficult situation. Though on the bright side, depends on how you look at it, I guess, it only took her 4 hours to change her mind about you completely, again

  56. Come on man you're dating a fuckin troll. 26, unemployed, living with his mother, toddler-level hygiene abilities, eating snot, morbidly obese, perverted.

    'If I leave him, his life will fall off a cliff.'

    Bro's life fell off a cliff years ago, you need to get the fuck out of there and never talk to his stinky ass again. Takes a bath every 10 days lmfao that is fucking repulsive.

  57. If you don't go your wife will be angry, if you don'tgo you are playing into HIS hands – think: see spoiled brat didn't have the decency/balls to attend.

    You should go to make your wife happy and outplay your FIL. She's more important than your FIL. So what you do, is you go, wish the old bustard a happy 1 more year survived. Then at the party avoid him like he have the latest version of Covid, and you don't want to get it. Be clever, be subtle, work the yard. Smile at the ladies, talk sports or whatever with the guys, and keep moving from where her good old dad is.

    I (female) had a MIL who hated me, absolutely loathed me and my family, my FIL wasn't fond of me either. My dad said once: X (my FIL) is the best of that family – but he's also the biggest b4st4rd I know!

    Yes, I resented my husband for not seeing how horrible his mother was to me for years. We survived. We've been married 30 years now. I focused on outliving, outlasting and out-playing my in-laws.

    One day, (hopefully) your wife will SEE her daddy being nasty to you, the penny will drop that he's being a b4st4rd and things will change.

    Sadly, birthdays and holidays you have to oulive, outlast and out-play.

  58. Everyone enjoys a little alone time and some of us need it more than others. It’s normal.

  59. You know, if he promised to wear a condom and didn't, that's a form of sexual assault called stealthing. He could be trying to trap you with a baby you dont want. Don't let him.

  60. What exactly did your BF do that was wrong other than not being from your family’s ethnic group? Did he not follow your instructions when meeting them?

    I ask because you didn’t say what he did wrong, yet your parents refused to touch him and your dad spat on him, and you seem to blaming your parents completely unacceptable behavior on your BF. It sounds like you grew up having to just put up with your parent’s abuse without question and you’re asking your BF to do the same. That’s really shitty of you to even expose your BF to them. If you really think that it’s your parent’s right to treat your BF that way, you need to dump your BF and find an Igbo guy to date and marry.

  61. CNC needs a lot more communication, planning and careful setup than this and

    no one gets drugged for real because…

    drugged people can’t consent

  62. Don’t leave your home. Also check in with your son. Both of you need therapy and possibly therapy together. Honestly I would schedule a consultation with a divorce attorney. You don’t have to decide on a divorce now but it would be good to talk our all possibilities.

  63. I think it's entirely possible he relied on you to be his two brain cells and has an ego problem. Is this a huge behavioral change or something that's slightly out of character for him but that you honestly didn't have trouble believing? This may just be true colors going neon bright for you, or it may be something glaringly out-of-character. We don't know and can't say. It might be a mental problem. It might also be childish arrogance. You know him and can make this decision better than we can, but either way…this is not redeemable. You have to keep yourself fed and healthy and with a roof over your head, you are not independently wealthy where you can handle this behavior without it destroying you.

  64. She cheated on you with another guy thought she was pregnant then tried to make you think it was yours and realized maybe she’s not pregnant and decided she likes the idea of being pregnant so is now trying to baby trap you and if she can’t get it with you she’ll get it from daddy

  65. “The husband is great in bed and he made it his mission to make me feel comfortable and enjoy myself.”

    The next time your husband makes any comments or defends his AP, repeat this sentence to him.

  66. She does that, depending on her schedule for the next day, she prepares her clothes and such in the evening before heading to bed. Which is reasonable, as you said.

    Petty revenge would be to put it away somewhere random. No worries, I won't do that.

  67. We’re going to need an update on this one, I’m genuinely worried for your sake. Being with someone like this is going to be very bad for your mental health and self love in the long run. This isn’t normal behavior, get away from this man ASAP!

  68. Well, are you fun to be around? Like, if you don't play D&D or you are tense when you do, they might not think of you as a logical participant.

  69. Hey, I went to the crab house before! And it is very good. You should plan a date for it with some good friends some time. I am glad you are doing what you feel is best. I remember your post and there was a lot more things going on than just one incident about a restaurant.

  70. Maybe practice saying how you really feel. If you’re feeling nervous say you’re nervous. Then tell her she’s beautiful. You can even play it off like it’s not a big deal at all.

    I sometimes stutter in those moments and I just say things like ‘see you got me so nervous’, ‘idk why I can’t find the words rn’. Usually I get a warm smile in response and a little support and then I have enough time to figure out how to say what I really feel about someone.

    Don’t put pressure on yourself to be a poet. You don’t need fancy words-just honest words. Also, her weight and body issues are her personal battles.

    There’s no magical words you can say that are gonna fix how she feels about herself. If it’s really bad maybe she can go to therapy and read some books to help her with her self-perception so she can accept herself better. All you can help with is helping her realise how you feel about her.

  71. This sounds a a lot like an emotional affair of a best friend and not a best friend situation. To be honest

  72. You need a lawyer for this – you need custody stipulations and this is both bizarre behavior (trust your gut, mama) and also parental alienation AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: a huge safety concern. Why the fuck is she trying to arrange play dates with everybody? That’s weird for starters but it’s almost like she wants to make sure she meets everyone’s parents so she can insert herself as mom before you have a chance to.

    Your gut is screaming at you for a reason, listen to it and consult a lawyer, whatever you have to do to make that visit with an attorney happen because this is a custody issue that needs to be addressed formally.

  73. It is time to lower contact with your family. Certainly don't share any information with them. They are proving to not be worthy.

    You are not going to want your child to be treated like an after thought or the scapegoat.

  74. I’m sorry to tell you but your boyfriend was NOT drunk off four beers. Unless he’s got a medical condition or takes medication that enhances the effects of alcohol, no grown man who drinks semi-regularly gets more than tipsy off four beers.

    He wasn’t drunk, he’s just an asshole.

    Don’t continue a relationship with this man. He puts his friends over your comfort. He’s already shown that you come second.

  75. Maybe the lawyer could argue that it would be cruel to let a child bond with a mother that's prone to just leave again and give the poor kid even more abandonment issues? I have no idea if that's an argument that would work in court – but surely a child psychologist would make the point that no contact is better than unreliable and abusive contact?

  76. That's called projecting. They're hyper aware and sensitive of the fact they're dating someone ten years younger. They might even be worried that you prefer women younger than them (closer to your own age) a lot going on here! But as ever with people, it's never about you, it's always about them and what's going on in their head

  77. Basically he wants you to put up with whatever he dishes out to you in those 28 days. He is trying to control you so that he can do whatever he likes. He is shifting the blame onto you.

  78. Dude… you sound like a real concedes, asshole. “Disgusting and tacky”. How’s the view from your high horse? Lol. Good luck buddy

  79. When you say that “this is a hill I'm willing to die on,” what do you mean? Would you call off the entire wedding because you and your fiancée can't agree on the wording on the invitation? That sounds quite petty.

    TBH, saying “absolutely no gifts/money or don't come” is terribly rude. Just politely state that “your presence is enough, no gifts please” and leave it at that. If people bring gifts anyway, be gracious about it.

    Cool your jets, buddy. People are going to do what they do, and you can either throw it back in their face (and be considered an AH) or learn to be gracious about it.

  80. So find another potential job. He’s not threatening your current position. Why would you want to work with him anyway?

  81. Dreams are dreams. You're in his life.

    Talk to him about it if it might help you understand it, but I don't suggest holding uncontrolled stream of consciousness against him.

    Fwiw I've thought about an old interest from time to time, but I love my current interest, and it would be a stupid move to hurt our relationship.

  82. If he did that that would have been rape. You've never done it, it takes prepping, and obviously it want something you were asking for. I'd say even that sounds like borderline sexual assault.

    Considering he laughed about it and says he doesn't have to ask…. thats a HUGE red flag, beyond just the age gap.

    If he will try something like that during sex, there's really no telling where he will draw any line. He obviously doesn't respect you or your boundaries.

    Please leave him for your safety! This will get worse as time goes on, and you will feel stuck in an abusive, toxic relationship.

  83. To me, that kind of phrasing is quite passive-aggressive so if he's going through stuff of his own I'm not surprised he experiences it as an attack and responds like that, because it implies a failure on his part and makes him responsible for your feelings. Maybe use different tactics, like being more loving, modelling what you'd like more of, or tell him the solution ('I need a cuddle') not just the problem.

  84. My mom is similar. You can't change people. You'll probably keep trying, and find out the hot way that it won't do much except lead to lots of fights.

    I avoid these topics with my mom now and life is so much better.

  85. Her self esteem is already ruined forever. It’s so horrible the way these fully competent and mature 20 something’s prey on innocent children. That being said, he’ll either be beaten to death in prison at the worst. At the best, he’ll live! a lifetime of public humiliation and shame. Either way, make him suffer for being an evil child molesting predator.

  86. Thank you. That is a really good comment and advise.

    I do occasionally compliment her for being smart or an amazing singer (which she is), but I do feel it's definitely skewed towards her exterior. I don't want her to feel objectified so I will definitely try to bring some balance to that.

  87. I wonder if this is where we are headed. She just shuts it down and looks the other way. We never talk about it and if asked I deny it. Kind of an unspoken understanding.

  88. SMH.

    It's not different for men and women, Jesus why are you still sitting there end this relationship.. because that will be his excuse every time. He going to have baby mom's all over the place.

    He doesn't feel guilty doesn't care, he just saying what you want to hear.

    You are right you are stupid for letting him stay and when he does it again and gets this one pregnant don't worry its what men do.

    I'd be embarrassed as hell of I was you.. Good luck though because it will happen again if not with her with someone else

  89. Disappearing was wrongly worded from me, she told me she was going to stand with him and his friends but then about 1hour later I texted to meet again and she answered like every 15min so it took me like a good 2hours to find them (she was a bit drunk as well).

    I’ll try to explain the joke about car sex… there was a birthday party of a mutual friend of theirs and she said do you know where I can park my car. He said he know some good spots which she responded with something like a decent spot or a spot to have car sex. In this chat they said they were only going to see dacht other. Note: she asked me if it’s okay that she went bcs he was going to be their, I told her it was no problem but that she just had to keep our talk in mind about not giving him an opportunity. She didn’t end up going bcs she had a competition the day after…

  90. This is all blown way out of proportion, it was a joke that was only somewhat in poor taste, everyone can move on now. The person in your chat was unnecessarily harsh with you.

  91. I honestly think you’re fine! Some people will get your humor and some won’t and that’s ok. Soon enough the conversation will move on and it’ll be forgotten! I personally laughed at your comment??‍♀️ also them trying to explain to you something you lived through… embarrassing for them! To each their own but I wouldn’t worry too much about it


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