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15 thoughts on “ the naked live sex chat with hottest babes with a LIVE Cams

  1. Sorry but any man who’s so insecure that he won’t “allow” you to get a sex toy should immediately be an ex.

  2. Literally nothing you've described is something he's doing, it's all on the inside of your head. This isn't a relationship problem, this is an insecurity that you work on yourself.

  3. Well maybe you should be focusing on your relationship ship and the child you have now, before even attempting to bring up the fact you want another child.

    Nor to mention, she obviously appears to be struggling. That needs priority.

  4. It's assault, sexual assault in fact. This reverse uno Blame game is gross. The worst part is it wasn't meant to be sexy it was meant to be irritating. So he assaulted you to be annoying on purpose but doesn't expect that to result in physical violence on your part. This really devalues the plight of men whose SO is actually hurting them. Pushing him away from your breasts because he is hurting you for fun isn't harming him. The game just didn't go tge way he wanted. Some women would find this funny and play along. You aren't one of them. He has no right to touch you anywhere once you say no. So you can safely say “Sorry my personal autonomy ruined your super funny fun time sexual assault AH…”

  5. Spitting is assault, both literally and figuratively. It's considered a criminal offence (in Canada, anyway).

  6. There is nothing you can do for him. He is handling his grief in extremely worrisome ways, but if he refuses therapy there's nothing you can do. And you definitely don't deserve to be subjected to abuse bc he can't handle his grief in healthy ways.

    You need to leave him. I'm sorry, it hurts and sucks on top of everything else, but there's pretty much no other choice here. Staying enables his behavior to continue, and there is nothing okay about this. Write him a loving goodbye note that says you hope that he can find healthy ways to deal with his grief but you cannot stay when he refuses help and is abusive because of it.

  7. Oh wow! Your ok! I’m glad to see you posted again. To bad with your mom, what was that obsession? Anyways, I’m glad that you and your siblings have some sort of relationship, that’s at least good and that your dad and you have some sort of “relationship,” I wonder what your dad thinks about all of this…

    Live your life, you deserve it and f**** Kyle and Ashley (and Ashley’s mom) they are horrible people. Try not to spend time with them unfortunately this is the consequences of their actions. A divided family.

    I forgot, but are you close to Deans family?

  8. I've heard rumors that she has herpes too but I never mentioned it to her cuz I don't really care about other people's genitals like that.

  9. This is true

    It's almost laughable. Like what makes someone need to bring up sex/sexual things in front of other people all the time? What is the driver of that? Surely you would catch on when enough people have had a bad reaction to it


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