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  1. Nah we can understand why your girlfriend is feeling this way. People who get into relationships want to be their partner's first priority over everything, but the way she is behaving is just plain toxic.

    Breaking photos, yelling at your child, forcing you to remove your late wife's things, that's just controlling, jealous behavior. She cannot even force your child to accept her as a mom. Don't start crawling back to someone who disrespected your feelings, scared your child to the point she started crying, and disrespected your late wife.

    Your ex gf sounds like she'll go crazy at any point in time.

  2. It'll hurt, no doubt. But you're young. You'd be shocked how differently your relationships change between 18 and 25. Don't waste your time with her, she's already shown you where her priorities are.

    You can't change people. All you can do is find someone you're compatible with, who shares the same values as you.

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