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Birth Date: 1998-07-22

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  1. Although uncommon, there are numerous examples of magic happening. No two couples are the same.

    I had a roommate whose father had a first date with a girl and went to diner with her parents. On the ride home, he got food poisoning and projectile vomited all over her dad’s car. Been married 50 years.

    Another couple was together within a week. 40 years strong.

    Yes, mistakes will happen, but those with their heads screwed on right would see those as learning lessons and life experiences. Your support of your roommate could prove a world of difference.

  2. Ok. When I went to college a half century ago, weed was huge. Daily users had one thing in common, they all flunked out. The daily use of weed kills your initiative, dead. Nothing is going to change until she stops her use during the work week.

    You have replaced her dad and are enabling her drug use. I would contact Al-Anon and see if they have any suggestions or strategies for dealing with your situation. You may have to suggest a separation. If she is smart, she will realize what she is about to loose. I would try Al-Anon first

  3. Yeah I’m working on it being in a house hold of mad shit, I grew up very independent closed off and working on being more myself how I used to be as young I mean I’m young still but ykw I mean, I want some advice on how do I stop being this way I been doing a lot of self improvement but I can’t shake this idk if it’s me being competitive wanting to be the best or just being extremely clingy

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  5. The social worker isn't going to give OP any info on this kid, if she even exists. They don't give out that sort of information, especially to an unrelated person. It would be a massive violation of her privacy. And if this girl does exist would hope that she wouldn't be placed with her mentally unstable mother and her boyfriend of a few months.

  6. Married

    Catfish (not as good looking as the pics suggest)

    Catfish (it’s someone you know fucking with you)

    He just likes to fuck women around

    You don’t need 5, he’s messing you around, ghost him

  7. I meant financially it is completely one sided. She feels absolutely guilty about it and wants to work and would work if she was able. She does as much as she can within the house doing house chores and such. Our relationship was good, but it has gotten rocky because of my arguments with my parents. It offends us both to accuse her of scamming me as I see clearly there is no intention of that. Her original plan was to just visit USA and go home, but upon meeting me that changed wants to stay here to be with me. She's even risking overstaying her visa to be with me. She never asked me for marriage, but of course I want to so that her life here would be easier. Documented and be able to find legal work.


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