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Goddess, 26 y.o.


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One thought on “Goddess the hot live! sex chat with hottest babes with a Live HD

  1. Not going through all the comments so not sure if it’s been mentioned, but this is probably an example of not being honest on your wife’s part, she didn’t say what she wanted, she told you she wanted you to only watch and not be with anyone else, what she wanted was for you to want her.

    This dynamic doesn’t work well when I see it, because the issue isn’t expressed it isn’t addressed, instead things get pointed out as the problem, the guy addresses them and nothing changes, either more substitute issues are made or it just goes around in circles.

    Your wife should be saying she wants you to have sex with her because she is getting jealous and insecure about it.

    Tell her why would you want to have sec with her when you are angry she isn’t treating you fairly.

    You have a typo, are you 23 or 32


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