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Date: September 24, 2022
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  3. I get you man, you've made it a lifestyle and believe me all you'll be dreaming about is how you can get more muscular

  4. So yet another way life isn't fair: women are more likely to catch certain STDs from an opposite sex partner than men are. I know some people who had been in a relationship for like 6 months and she turned out to have HIV and he didn't. After some work they figured out she got it from her ex who also turned up positive. But she hasn't seen him for well over a year so could prove she didn't cheat. They only found out about her because she was pregnant. (Kid came out negative, thankfully)

    The way it was explained is a combination of things. One is that men have a longer urethra so there's a decent distance between entry and an area where they can end up infected. The other big one is that men don't really absorb much during the process of sex. If there is a wound in the general area it's far more likely, but assuming healthy skin they can sometimes go quite a while without getting anything. Not to say it's safe, just more so than for a woman.

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