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Birth Date: 2001-01-23

Body Type: bodyTypeAthletic

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6 thoughts on “feral_berry_156live sex stripping with Live HD

  1. I feel like this is exactly it. It reads like OP’s fiancé has true remorse about what he did to his ex, and he actually sees the damage he caused to her. He wants to make the ex’s situation as right as much as possible while accepting that he ruined the future they had planned.

    I don’t think he’s doing anything wrong here, he’s just doing what he believes is best bc he is actually sorry for what he did to hurt his ex. It shows good character in him imo, and there isn’t evidence to indicate any bad intent on his part. OP doesn’t have a right to interfere in how her fiancé makes amends with people or handles their personal, non-shared finances. That is way over stepping. The accusations and allegations of him loving OP less is standard emotionally abusive behavior that OP needs to get a grip on. Bc OPs fiancé is an entire whole separate independent person who doesn’t owe them an apartment.

    If OP weren’t being so self centered over material shit & paranoid about him cheating, OP would appreciate that she has a fiancé who is willing to take responsibility with someone he hurt in the past, and that he will try to make amends when he’s wrong. He’s doing what he realistically can with the situation he created. Hopefully he holds his boundary and doesn’t push his ex & child out of the apartment.

  2. It doesn’t sound like that’s what’s happening though. From the post I gathered that she backs off after he snaps at her (probably why he’s done so 10 times, because he sees it hurts her feelings and shuts her up) then after he calms down she brings it up before bed and try’s having a discussion about how it makes her feel. That’s called communication.

    Snapping over small things (and yes asking 3 questions is a small thing) and making your partner feel as though they’re walking on eggshells is abusive. So is stonewalling your partner (which again I gleaned from the post. “oh it’s not a big deal. I’m going to bed” then rolling over and doing that while she stays up all night crying. At the very least he’s brushing her off and minimizing her feelings). I feel like he overreacted to a small distraction from playing his game then accused her of overreacting by expressing her feelings after he was calm.

    What the OP isn’t seeing is that she’s not trying to escalate the problem but address it. Him being a total jerk isn’t a big enough deal in his mind to have a discussion about because it’s not effecting him. He seems to think she should just forgive and forget but that’s not how relationships work. If something upsets one of the partners then a discussion needs to happen. Communication needs to happen.

  3. Look I'm sorry if my comment did sound angry, I didn't really mean it that. But maybe I quickly assumed you are someone who wants to say that it isn't cheating and that's it. But really I just want to know what other people think his intentions were


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