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  1. I also enjoy giving head. (I make him shower first so I know it’s clean and taste like soap.) I can go a long time but after 25 minutes it’s just not sexy anymore.

  2. Wasn’t that way with my husband. He had to watch every sports event possible. So, felt neglected. Has to plan and even postpone celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, etc. due to something running into overtime.

  3. Not if the child doesn’t have support. They will not grant termination of rights pretty much anywhere in the US (and definitely not in states that have outlawed abortion) unless:

    The child is being adopted The child has been placed into foster care and cannot be returned home due to an abusive situation perpetuated by the parent terminating the rights Both parents have consented to termination AND the parent who is staying (OP in this case) is able to fully support the child on her own

    No judge will terminate parental rights of one parent to a child whose mother is homeless/out of work when the other parent has housing, presumably a job, and is the sole wage earner. That’s a fever dream. By suggesting it is easy to simply sign away parental rights in the US, you spread misinformation that has the potential to cause people to not take seriously very serious situations like this one.

    And even if he WAS somehow able to terminate parental rights, he may still have to pay child support. It’s not a get-out-of-child-support guarantee. That’s because this is only granted if it is “in the best interest of the child.”

    Some states don’t even have a mechanism to do this at all outside of adoption/CPS. It is not a likely outcome.

  4. So you came here expecting us to tell you you’re wonderful and that you’re not to blame when you’re at full blame.


    Well… you’re fully to blame. The ‘ice’ you feel is toward you. You can’t fix your relationship. Damage has been done and she probably will never speak to you again.

    Signed – someone who had you as a parent and has gone NC with them.

  5. Yes, there are so many ways you two could potentially accommodate each other. What matters is communication, trust, and making sure everyone is comfortable and no one is being pressured to do anything they don't want. First of all, what do you mean by “sex”? Do you mean “penis in vagina” penetration? How do you both stand on nakedness / nude cuddles? Massages? Touching/caressing? Mutual masturbation, or self masturbation? What are your views on porn, erotica, sex work? About polyamory, open relationships, swinging? There are plenty of ways to share both intimacy and pleasure that don't involve PiV. In the course of this discussion, you might find out that you have ways to make it work, or you could be incompatible. I'd also say that this question would be better answered in places made for allo/ace relationships (I know there are a few on Facebook). Good luck op!

  6. Block him and move on. You should find a guy more interested in seeing a photo of you happy rather then one who thinks with his junk

  7. When a WP cheats the only thing to do is break up. He did this, you need to ask your parents if one of them cheated would they stick around?

    Recommend telling your family you’ve cut contact with the cheater and you’d appreciate they do the same thing.

    If they continue to pressure you to get back with him or if they hang out with WP you’ll go NC with them as well.

  8. I agree… If you don’t know after five years, it’s best to break it off with her so she can start a new relationship with somebody who is looking for marriage

  9. She said she understands but what, if anything, is her action plan to pay down her debt and clean up after herself? She’s living in filth & that’s ok for her. Not you.

    I’m guessing Gf had put forth little or no effort knowing it will cost her the relationship.

    TBH, you’re incompatible. Better you’ve figured the relationship dealbreakers now.

    Time to move on.


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