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  1. The Universe is doing you a favor here. Take it.

    Break up and block him completely on all fronts. He wants to have you as a back-up plan B to go back to after sleeping with other people without repercussions. Fuck that. Let him feel the consequences of his selfish behavior, and dont give him an option to come back after finding out that dating isnt as fun as he thought it would be and he is ready to return to you with excuses and STDs.

    You cant reverse this, OP. There is no going back. Research sunken cost fallacy. You are still really young. He sees you as expendable and also expects you to be his doormat possibly-future-GF that would run back to him when he snaps his fingers. Serve him a warm wake-up call with “Fuck Off” muffins and chose your own self worth over this clown.

  2. Talk to your doctor. A period that long sounds wrong. No advice for your boyfriend. Sounds like he doesn't like blood. Stop pleasing him if it bothers you.

  3. It’s because I’m a young father so I didn’t even know anything at first, combined with the pandemic just starting. In 2021, when I finally did figure everything out, I was inches away from sending them papers for court when they suddenly gave up and started letting me see my kid again even after talking all that trash on the phone. (In hindsight, I should’ve gone to court anyways, but I was nice enough to give them a second chance to change their ways, BIG MISTAKE)

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