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35 thoughts on “dewrose-mallulive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Sorry to say this but she is cheating on you. She is now gaslighting you. I know it’s not easy but this isn’t someone you want to invest yourself in. You deserve better. Hang in there buddy, I know it’s really tough.

  2. Why do you pretend you have all the answers when you don’t I mean how bored are you? I’m not treating anyone like an idiot, I literally ADMITTED to copying the OP, so what’s your point? I made a throwaway account after seeing the other OPs post so I can share my story because I’d not do it on my real account.

  3. Mate this is a “Her” problem not a you. Are you sure she's not using you as a rebound? Because ngl it looks like one.

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  5. I've tried to talk to her about how much the lack of physical intimacy bothers me and it really felt like she just didn't care.

    This says it all really.

    You're on the verge of a dead bedroom while dating (a dead bedroom is sex 10 times a year or less).

    This is not going to ever change for the better as your GF doesn't care about your needs.

  6. I will not be reaching out to him until if he decides to reach out to me. He was already best friends with the group when I first me them, most of them are out of the city or country nowadays, so I guess this could be the end of it.

  7. Document all of this. Custody and visitation is court ordered. You were already broken up before you found out about the baby. Seeing what you have seen now has not made things better. The best thing for myself, my kids and my then wife was for us to separate and divorce. There will be a time that she will be able to control you seeing your son. Document that as well and wait for the courts to make their decision. This relationship is not salvageable. My then wife ended up moving 1.5 hours away, out of the house that she got in the separation to try to gain as much control as possible as I was in the military and had long shifts and extra duties. It was bad for a while and I ended up getting out of the military mostly because of that. Things eventually worked out. I bought a house 15 minutes away from them and see them throughout the week now. It was hard, the whole process took about 3 years. I regret the missed time with my kids but staying with her would have made everyone's lives worse.

  8. It must be EXHAUSTING to be a teenager/young adult in this new world.

    Woke culture has overtaken my generation friend. I'm pretty “woke” myself but I retain some semblance of an adult brain to analyze certain situations. This particular situation has made me extra paranoid because it's all going down during a bit of a busy time, and I'm seeing “unrealistic worst case” scenarios.

    Wendy is not your friend. She’s a socially inept human who can’t read social cues and is harassing you into dating her. Cut ties with her, move on with your life. If you want to report it for clarity, go to the Dean. NOT THE POLICE. This isn’t a criminal matter and they’re gonna be confused why you are still trying to remain friends with her.

    Yeah I don't intend to go to the cops anyways. I have decided however to talk to my counselor and hopefully start a paper trail by having him record whatever I tell him about the situation.

    I have already decided to threaten a restraining order and ask her to get away from me.

  9. She's 41, that's considered a high risk pregnancy, she wants the people there who will support her. What a stupid comment.

  10. Mom,

    I appreciate your help very much. You do so much for me to make my life easier, and I can't thank you enough. Know that I appreciate it, but I have tried nicely to let you know what I need, and I understand you want to help , which again is appreciated, but I need you to understand that on the nights you pick the kids up for us, I would appreciate you leaving at said time. Let me handle the kids, dishes etc after dinner. I really want to be able to spend time with just my kids and husband, and settle down for the night.

    We can plan things together, to spend time with you outside those things. But please understand I really need this time with my family.

    That is plain and simple, and it is not putting it on your husband. It is also to the point, without being hurtful

  11. Send one more message that you will be filing a claim in small claims court, and give him 30 days to return your money.

    Then do it.

  12. Looking at this from a surface level view, I can see why your girlfriend is mad. That girl either likes you or is unaware of social cues.

    Of course she isn't going to want you to hang out with someone who subtly flirted with you right in front of her.

  13. My ex girlfriend also mocked me behind my back with her “friends” she then cheated on me with one girl from that group.

    Your feelings are completely valid. Taking screenshots of a serious convo and sharing them with others is not a thing you do to a partner. In your position i would also feel utterly betrayed and like he has broken my trust in him.

    I think most of us are assuming and sensing just like you that either he was planning to physically cheat on you with this girl on that trip and/or he is already emotionally cheating.

    I would not consider it irrational or far fetched if you already consider his sharing of a private and serious convo cheating to be honest.

  14. The last year, as in the previous twelve months. When my wife is there, no one on one time with her at all. And in the office, when chatting, usually in groups of varying composition. I've never been alone with her apart from the occasional meeting.

  15. Sometimes friendships fade. And it seems like this one has run it's course. I don't think you need to make it super drawn out or anything, just a simple reply that you're unable to attend should be sufficient. From your description she never reaches out or texts back, so I doubt it will even turn into a thing.

    If you want to salvage the friendship, then you just need to be blunt and honest. Put it all out there. Otherwise you'll never have any resolution and be stuck in the same cycle going forward.

  16. Please do not get married to this one. Find a partner who respects you. The one you with now wants to marry a bang maid who never says no.

  17. Ok I’m a nice person but I’m a realist and going to share a story…

    When I was in my 20s, I had a long term bf. We were toxic. . Stormy if yoh will lol. Sometimes he would delete me off FB and not re add me for a while and add random people. I don’t want to say trashy but they weren’t exactly my idea of quality people.

    Him adding me back on would be a fight. He finally would let up but it bugged me .. he always kept his ex on there which was weird. She made herself deactivated for a while though and then fast forward some years, and we break up abruptly and he’ gets back with her! The week we broke up after 7 years together.

    I put two and two together and the way they kept in contact was by FB messages (she had moved out of state with her bf) .. but messages and text I’m Sure ….

    He rarely would post me (sometimes if he was feeling nice he would) but otherwise you wouldn’t know he had a gf unless you were in his circle of friends because everyone knew we were together …

    I dated another man for 3 years and because of my trauma I hid some things from him…

    Through therapy I’ve learned a relationship needs to be open and honest. You put all your cards on the table. No secrets, no hiding things ….

    She’s being sneaky. Maybe she’s not doing anything wrong but you are her husband. She turned it around on you and let me tell you as an outsider, that’s wrong ….. no secrets … no hiding stuff … even if she just wants some privacy or to have a sense of self outside of you, she needs to use her words

  18. If anything this post tells me he isn’t homophobic. He’s treating his gf and her friends like he would another straight man.

  19. He’s 50, and that’s approximately the age when hormone levels start to noticeably change in both men and women. A diminished sex drive is normal, but treatable. He can see his doctor and get some recommendations, but that’s up to him. If you want more sex, you’ll probably have to initiate more often. That’s not a bad thing – change things up. The porn addiction is a huge issue, but it sounds like he’s working on that.

    My BF and I are in our 50’s and things definitely don’t work like they used to, but it’s not a deal-breaker and I knew up front what I was getting into. This is my first relationship where I have the higher libido and it’s taken some trial and error getting used to being more assertive, but we’re having fun figuring things out. Enjoy the very hot cuddling. It’s awesome just by itself even when it doesn’t go any further.

  20. She is hooked on this guy

    Nothing but pain will come from this relationship

    She can heal on her own time and stop wasting yours

  21. 100% a creep. And his actions are totally unacceptable.

    The thing I can't put my finger on is why are you making excuses for him when you know the truth. He is not being nice in a weird way, he's just trying to take advantage of you, trying to feel you up, testing the limits where he can go seeing no rejections from your end.

    If a guy other than my bf puts his hand on my knee for even one second, I will just slap him and call him out so that everyone in the vicinity knows what a creep he is.

  22. That’s exactly what I’m saying. I may not have phrased what I said correctly, based on the downvotes I’m getting haha

  23. Girl, my fiancé was scrolling through his fyp on Instagram recently and it was all cats and nerdy shit. His YouTube is the same. There are guys out there who aren’t like this.

    I find a really good indicator of a guy being not perma-horny is having hobbies. Personal enrichment on his own time leaves less time for him checking out other chicks armpits and watching escort vids.

  24. There's this really strange phenomenon with the human memory where we think we remember something correctly but it's just made up by your own memory. It's really interesting because this might be what is happening to your Bf.

    That aside, if he doesn't want to meet your cousin, I think that's perfectly fine. He doesn't need a reason for not wanting to meet her but that's just my opinion.

  25. Been there before brother, let it die. The emotional turbulence that comes won't be easy but it'll be better for you in the end.


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