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Model from: ua

Languages: en,ru

Birth Date: 2001-05-14

Body Type: bodyTypeAthletic

Ethnicity: ethnicityWhite

Hair color: hairColorBlonde

Eyes color: eyeColorBlue

Subculture: subcultureGlamour


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24 thoughts on “Devil_Mindslive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Have you tried communicating with her? Have you two tried at making the relationship official?

    You're at the nude fork in the road. You two either make it official and commit, or you're both going to have to step back from this because y'all are gonna get hurt.

  2. For one thing you’re an adult and capable of doing whatever you want. Setting a curfew and having to ask to go places as a 21 year old is ridiculous but they are your parents. If you want your freedoms, move out. If you can’t right now, there’s not a whole lot you can do. Finish school, get yourself a job and move out at the earliest time you can safely do so. Once you’re out, you can do whatever the hell you want lol.

  3. Only thing actually special in anyway is multiple passports and if he is citizen of all those countries even that isn't very special.

    I would try to get him to show is passport to you so that you would learn what you know legitimately and then talk about it. Maybe talking about how everyone always looks bad in their passport pictures or something.

  4. I dont have a current bf. I dont mean to interrupt his holiday either, its just nice to talk about it an ask instead of avoiding the subject like he did. I am not mad at him for avoiding either, it his choice. It could be a cultural thing for sure because in my culture people usually go out on new years eve with their significant other.

  5. I went to a tech school, and it’s always the most repressed kids with controlling parents who end up dropping out, because they never learned how to manage themselves. They never learned work-life balance or boundary-setting because their parents never gave them a chance to experience the freedom of choice and the consequences of them. So when they’re exposed to college life, they end up partying, watching TV, hanging out, basically making up for the childhood that they missed. There’s nothing wrong with that if they know how to concentrate on studying despite all of those distractions around them. But it’s often not the case when their parents didn’t let them learn from their own choices.

  6. She said it was a joke but we don’t really know how she framed it. It could have come off very differently. Plus, it’s not really a jokey situation.

  7. *koi fish.

    A couple options here, depending on what she responds to.

    Tell her that couples tattoos are bad luck in such a new relationship.

    Point out that couple tattoos are one of the highest regretted tattoos, and that laser removal is both expensive and painful.

    Tell her that begging you to get one with her will not convince you to change your mind.

  8. Yeah he is a piece of shit. Better leave him now, before he hides cameras to film you and distribute the images. He doesn't care about you or the child. Trust your instincts, Mother.

  9. Oh I wouldn’t blame her for wanting to avoid crazy.

    I had a roommate with bad asthma. She couldn’t jog or swim, but she could cycle, walk, do Pilates, yoga… yoga actually helped me calm my brain a lot when I was in university, and during other stressful life events. What's she studying?

  10. I feel you. My husband has this pair of shoes I fantasize about burning in a bonfire, but he loves them so I keep my mouth shut.

  11. Does he expect you to just lay there for two hours and stare at him while he sleeps? Does he have any hobbies of his own? I could understand him feeling frustrated if you have a limited amount of time together and you ignore him while you play. I do think him bringing cheating into it is weird; if he wants more quality time he should just say that. I think the solution is you making a clear distinction between couple time and game time, and him understanding that you will have hobbies and free time to yourself because that is healthy.

  12. The chance of him marrying again is WAY higher than the chance of you graduating from med school again. The numbers don’t lie.

    If your attendance was that important, and assuming he don’t already know your graduation date, he wouldn’t have risked a wedding date so close to your graduation.

    If your graduation ceremony means a lot to you, go. You earned it.

  13. See if you can find a local refuge to help you out. Also talk to your Dad about the debt. Is there any way your parent(s) can help with childcare?

    Break it all down into smaller steps, and be prepared to cut your losses.

    Happy to talk if you need an ear. I'm only a message away 🙂

  14. She isn't wrong because you and her aren't in a committed relationship. However, that should give you cause to pause and think about whether or not this is the type of chick that you'd want to commit to.

  15. Would a trust be better than a will? I was told that a trust is more secured than a will due to that a will anyone can dispute that, when you pass, you owe them money, whereas a trust it’s pretty secured. Mind you I was told this by a non professional so please go a little easy for the question

  16. If he’s only this way around you and not anyone else, that’s because he’s a piece of shit taking advantage of you. You deserve so much better.

  17. You are allowed to want it, thats not the problem. The problem is you want to convince him to want it too.

  18. I am white (so you know from which side my perspective comes) and this sounds at least icky.

    It sounds as if races were collectibles. You are a person. The third person is an individual person. I don't think that this is an okay statement.

    And even if he just didn't think much about it and was just like “haha we would be so interracial wouldn't that be fun” i still think it is racist and reduces both of you to your skin colour.

    If you think you have the energy to tell him, that what he said has very racist implications, you could do that and watch his reaction.

    This is at least a first red flag and you should watch out whether he puts in the work to educate himself or just raises more concerns.


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