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40 thoughts on “Desi_copule19live sex stripping with LIVE Cams

  1. Understandable but after 8 months. We had plans together and he was getting more stable but he didn’t want me to help but isn’t that what a relationship to be marriage is.? I grew up taking care of things and giving an helping hand so I’m not use to the other side. What should I do?

  2. You should distance yourself without telling him you like him really. What happens if telling him causes problems between you and him, you and your boyfriend, or him and your boyfriend? Maybe it would be better to kill those feelings quietly.

    Though, before taking action, think about what you’ve just said; you like someone even though you’re already dating someone else. What does that say about your relationship with your boyfriend if you’re able to develop feelings for someone else so easily?

    There is more you need to think about here than just your friend, and your course of action should depend on your judgement. – Who do you like more? – Why is it you’ve been able to develop these feelings for someone else whilst having a relationship already? – Are you trying to kill the feelings because you love your boyfriend or because you believe there wouldn’t be a chance to date Friend?

    Are all questions you should consider the answer to. This is a messy situation, but you need to follow your heart really.

  3. This exact type of thing was a huge issue in my last relationship. I called it “using affection as a currency.” If she was upset about something, she would punish me by withholding her “I love yous” or the usual “Good night” routine that we had. I grew up in a family where whenever we left for school, got off the phone, or gave a loved one a farewell hug, we said “I love you.”

    I've heard too many stories in my life, of people that argued with someone, and then that someone had a tragic accident before it could ever be reconciled. The guilt and self-loathing that comes from that is something I have always vowed to avoid. I can deal with the silent treatment, or giving them space, etc… but I will never vindictively act like I don't love someone just because I am upset.

    If your relationship is anything like my last one… there is nothing you can do. I tried talking about it with her multiple times, explaining exactly what I explained above; but it never helped, and that “affection currency” system is one of the main reasons we broke up. As time has gone on, I have grown to realize that some people just deal with their anger in different ways. For me, that's a deal breaker… I refuse to be treated with dynamically conditional love. But you have to decide for yourself if it's a big deal for you or not.

  4. I mean, unless you have solid proof, you're going to be accusing her of trying to murder you. And, if you're wrong, there's no coming back from that accusation.

  5. Dude sick. Grown man should not have to be told to wipe his ass. No functional adult should walk around with shit in their bodies. That's disgusting. I wouldn't give a second if my time to a man who smelled of feces. If he can't take care of such bottom line bodily cleanliness, I don't expect a functioning adult.

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  7. No, he didn't explain why he did it. You know why? Because there's no way to explain it. There's no explanation for domestic violence. And you aren't holding it over his head, he choked you. If you can, go to the therapy asap. About forgiveness – you can forgive but you don't have to forget. From your post it's obvious that you didn't forgive him and there's nothing bad in this. Maybe you will never be ready to forgive and that's ok too.

  8. Sure some people just want to cheat

    I'm not saying everyone who cheats does it just because they want to cheat. But in the end, that's what it comes down to.

    They fall into a slippery slope… because in the end, they want to. All the other shit that happens in between is white noise, because in the end they make the choice: They cheat because they want to.

  9. You need to shut it down.

    If you want a relationship, and she doesn’t want one, spending time interacting with her is torturing yourself.

  10. Dude, part of the reason she is 'bad with finance' is because you enable her rather than letting her learn how to handle it. She will never get any better if you keep enabling her to not have to.

  11. I can tell you with 100% certainty that women have zero tolerance for poor grooming. Not showering, brushing your teeth and combing your hair is unacceptable. Women will be vile about that because BO, oily skin and uncombed hair is seriously off putting.

    Do you know why you aren't doing these things on a consistent basis? You need to figure that out and self correct. Also, loose fitting yellow shirt is fine. Wearing a loose fitting yellow dirty or dingy shirt not so much.

    You lack of attention to grooming is driving your girlfriend away. Luckily, that's an easy fix. If you can't be bothered to listen to her words and don't care enough about yourself to groom properly then it's going to cost you both friends and romantic partners.

  12. Ugh. Why are you living with someone you've only known for 6 months? He sounds awful.

    You're 30, acting like a 20yo. He's 43 acting 13.

  13. I understand this 100% I hope other people will chime in because this is totally actionable–maybe edit your post and specifically ask for scripting.

    Some ideas: “Fiance, something has been weighing on me really heavily but I didn't have the right words to get it out right away. I was hoping to talk, or make time to talk soon–can we take a few minutes now?

    No -> schedule it, make time.

    Yes -> “I heard you talking to your mom on the phone when she offered to take the baby and you said that you would be 'forced to do things'–I took that to mean sex because of our last conversation and I was floored. At first, I was really up in my feelings and it made me feel disgusting, like you think I'm some type of rapist and would sexually assault you. It made me not able to sleep in bed with you because I was both horrified and angry. But I've had some time to think about it now and and I want to know why you said what you said. I feel like we had the perfect relationship for a while, and now I'm not sure if I completely misread the whole situation. That really hurt and I'm still embarrassed at how your mom must see me.”

    If you want more scripting you'll need to take some educated guesses about what she'd say next, but that is as good a start as any.

  14. You're embarrassed that you don't shoot urine out uncontrollably during sex? Why? Stop watching porn babygirl, that shit isn't normal. He also needs to stop watching porn. And it most certainly is not about love. Maybe find an adult to day, he's still just a kid.

  15. What you guys said make absolute sense, and I do understand it is a moral thing to pay the rest of rent til May. What make me angry is after all the not moral things he did to me, i.e. cheating, refusing to communicate until he feels like things are starting to affect him, and still need to treat him morally. Sigh but I guess that's the only way.

  16. Hire that cleaning lady, stop trying with him, hire a babysitter to watch your baby when you need a break, get an attorney and file for divorce.

  17. Why in the world wouldn't you just ask for a date instead?

    This is just creepy. “I came to you, so anyways you have a good day?” Wtf

  18. Broooooo if she isn’t already cheating, this behavior is HIGHLY inappropriate. Even if she was single, this type of behavior is only shared between lovers, old friends, siblings, family etc… That playful wrestling is not something you do with a work acquaintance in my opinion unless you were flirting and romantically interested. Mark my words: she is going to hurt you. You’re so young, move on and don’t let her.

  19. He went with his friend, friend got a lap dance. Husband sat in church while it happened, lol. You are right it doesn’t really matter.

  20. Don't confront. Just get out of there. He's unhinged and confronting him could be very dangerous.

  21. rolls eyes

    Can’t imagine why a man dating someone old enough to be his daughter is not committing to future plans. So unclear why that is

  22. Yes it is possible that this will all come out fine, what you need to do is respect her request for some space.

    When you talk next, if you both want to continue things, talk about how you communicate, what works and what your needs are.

    Until then, give her the space to rest that she has asked for.

  23. What does he suggest as a strategy? He needs to take the lead with fixing his behaviour. It can’t be we(you) suggesting it.

    Why does he shut down? Why is he doing the behaviour he does? What’s his explanation?

  24. She sounds like she's gearing up to abandon you and your daughter.

    Sorry there isn't more along the lines of mending your relationship, but you've got to think of taking care of your kid first, especially since her other parent doesn't.

    I would seriously consider a divorce so you can focus on doing your own thing before she up and bails to Europe and you don't here from her until she's done being a shit bag.

  25. Wow this provoked a strong reaction from you. I was simply wondering if those friends weren't keen on their buddy reconciling with his wife.

  26. That's why his dad wants him to marry a rich girl because he knows his son can't take care of himself lol

  27. Sounds harsh, but you aren’t responsible for him or his actions. Leaving would be best for you. He very well may be faking it to guilt you.

  28. What an entitled brat. World doesn’t revolve around her just because she transitioned. You have been the eldest daughter for your whole life. The ring belongs to you. Sorry if that upsets your sister but she can’t weaponize her gender identity to manipulate people into giving her what she wants. If she considers that to be not supporting her transition, rather than the unconditional love you have clearly given her the past two years, then so be it. That’s a personal problem.

  29. Yeah if there is any validity to the heartburn thing, it's the position it's being done in and he's doing a shit job of managing his acid reflux. I cannot imagine someone using this as a reason, because they would have severe acid reflux triggered by other things as well and would presumably have medications around to handle it, or make some dietary changes at minimum. Literally doing it at a different time of day in relation to eating could solve the problem. So would trying a different position for it.

    I agree with everything else you said, but I wanted to explain further why this is such bullshit.

  30. Nah that's bullshit. Are you a tenant or a significant other? I wouldn't move in under those conditions.

  31. Out of curiosity, which states or countries will force custody on a parent that doesn't want it?


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