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  1. She needs to realize that kids are part of a “package deal “ . You should stand your ground and be a proud parent!

  2. When my daughters were babies, it wasn't a big deal to me. One of us was in the shower, the other would hand in the kid, scrub em and hand them back.

    As they got older and started noticing things, it was time to quit for me.

    My oldest wandered into the bathroom once while I was getting out, took a long look, and was like dad you have a big vagina!

    I was like heck yeah I do, now go find mom. No more coming in on dad hard.

  3. There's something called the letter of the law and then something called spirit of the law. There are basic legal principles that deal with how laws should be read and the goal along with what is actually being protected by the disposition are major part of it.

    Especially in USofA where DA can more or less freely decide whether to prosecute something.

  4. I’m not sure why you think it has to be a same day appointment or nothing… you not having sex isn’t an emergency to the wider world. Be an adult, make the next available appointment, advocate for yourself to ensure an answer and a path to a solution, and then implement it.

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