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63 thoughts on “DaisyVibeslive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. She needs to realize that kids are part of a “package deal “ . You should stand your ground and be a proud parent!

  2. When my daughters were babies, it wasn't a big deal to me. One of us was in the shower, the other would hand in the kid, scrub em and hand them back.

    As they got older and started noticing things, it was time to quit for me.

    My oldest wandered into the bathroom once while I was getting out, took a long look, and was like dad you have a big vagina!

    I was like heck yeah I do, now go find mom. No more coming in on dad hard.

  3. There's something called the letter of the law and then something called spirit of the law. There are basic legal principles that deal with how laws should be read and the goal along with what is actually being protected by the disposition are major part of it.

    Especially in USofA where DA can more or less freely decide whether to prosecute something.

  4. I’m not sure why you think it has to be a same day appointment or nothing… you not having sex isn’t an emergency to the wider world. Be an adult, make the next available appointment, advocate for yourself to ensure an answer and a path to a solution, and then implement it.

  5. What kind of person stays with their significant other even though they know that their partner is a piece of shit cheater

  6. Set a boundary , you can choose whether or not you want porn in your life/relationship and then communicate that to your boyfriend. He can then choose if that is something he can live with.

  7. You are not compatible.. The sooner you see that the sooner you can move on and find someone you are compatible with

  8. She not forcing me, she said she enforcing boundaries and that many women set deadline for their partners to propose. She just been feeling abit insecure because am in college and go to party and am always surrounded by girls and she working a nine to five so she not always around me. She feels like this will bring us closer together and make her feel at ease.

  9. Did you flirt with him? Did he flirt with you? Then you did nothing disrespectful. You just gave a co-worker a lift to the bus stop. If your boyfriend is going to lose his shit over that you're better off single.

  10. Say happy birthday and ask if he wants to grab dinner and catch up if he says yes make it clear it's more than friends

  11. So she blocked his phone number to make you happy and now she talks to him on snapchat. Why is she hiding this from you? I’d bring it up gently that you noticed him on her friends list and that they talk frequently. Then explain how you’ve already expressed that it makes you uncomfortable and now you don’t feel secure in the relationship because she’s actively going behind your back to talk to her ex. You deserve better.

  12. Hate to break it to you but you were his rebound and a replacement OP you deserve someone who loves and cherishes you and not uses as a way to heal that's hurtful but i will say it was clear from the beginning that you were the rebound but i feel you blinded yourself to that truth and now it's finally hit he didn't want you because he loved you or liked you were just a way to get over his pain which was selfish and honestly i think you'll never get over this and its better for you to move on to someone who actually wants you from the start not has to learn to love you

  13. There are already plenty of comments with what I wanted to write.

    My only advice is to step back a bit and think and find some self respect man… Seriously , you will only hurt yourself continuing this way.

  14. Yes she deserves to know. Be sure you tell her that you knew you had to contact her the minute you found out he was married. That he had lied to you.

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  16. People are concerned about you. That's a huge age gap and creates a big power dynamic that is unhealthy and unsafe. It's not normal for a man that age to date someone who has the life experience of a child compared to him. He's lived your whole life twice! You will likely not listen to us as you haven't even listened to your own family but I hope you leave eventually.

  17. She might not “need” it, but she and her mother obviously enjoy the affection and close snuggles, why would you want to stop that?

  18. Never listen to anyone. Everyone gives self-oriented advice for their own benefit or because they are jealous.

    Always listen to your gut, or mum and dad. That’s it.

  19. Part of having a kink is consent, unless you consented to him being able to do that while black out drunk (which doesn’t hold up legally), that was rape and assault. Weather you either want to see it that way is up to you, but the only time people practice consent-no-consent kink activities, is with consent.

    Honestly if besides this horrible fact he seems controlling in other areas also, I’d say he sounds extremely abusive and a scary person to be with that feels like he kicked out with you and your kink so anything goes. That’s not how that works.

    Also with the age gap, everything you’ve said sounds extremely dangerous and terrifying to me. I would run away from that now and not look back before you wake up five or more years from now with a kid locked in and see how abusive he can be. You’re very young you’ll meet way better people and ones who are not abusive and can participate in your kink or even have the same one themselves respectively.

    I had a CNC kink, my partner isn’t a fan so I don’t know. But if I found out he abused me too tears and raped me while black out drunk… he’d never see or hear from me again. That’s rape and a crime.

  20. This is the worst thing I've ever read. This is not normal drinking behavior + his brutal rape fetishes being enacted on your unconscious or semi conscious body is not okay. He does get to do whatever violent sexual acts he wants because you're incapacitated that's not how it works. This is extremely brutal and violent and you need to get out safely your life is at risk.

  21. This is the worst thing I've ever read. This is not normal drinking behavior + his brutal rape fetishes being enacted on your unconscious or semi conscious body is not okay. He does get to do whatever violent sexual acts he wants because you're incapacitated that's not how it works. This is extremely brutal and violent and you need to get out safely your life is at risk.

  22. I’m so glad, he needed you to listen to him and to hear him. Canceling the venue (not the wedding, a postponement!) is what he needed from you. It’s never about the place or the date or even who’s there, it’s about the two of you and your love and respect for each other.

  23. You’re right- I didn’t think about it that way. I guess I’m used to hanging out with girl and guy friend because while I was in a relationship, I was “safe” because I had a Gf and made it clear. But now I’m single, I have to be more aware.

    Something else of note is that my friend who is engaged- we actually work together (we are co-chairs for a club). We worked together quite often, and wanted to reconnect with her because we returned from winter break.

    But I could see how she would think it’s too much- the diner I go to I take a lot of my friend to (it’s weird- sort of a “baptism” where I get to know them well). If anything I can laugh about it next time with around her.

  24. It is way too fast. Don’t tell him anything, just block him and move on.

    Your friends are right. He has bad intentions and you don’t want to be thousands of miles from home with no local contacts to look out for you.

  25. You need to both find people you’re more compatible with. Over time the pack of sex will make him resentful and you will feel resentful too if you feel pressured into it.

    There are some major things that make relationships doomed to failure and differing outlooks on sex is one of them.

    You shouldn’t feel pressured to have sec if you don’t want it and he shouldn’t feel like his n partner doesn’t desire him sexually

  26. He responded because that's what normal humans do. You may not have a sample to compare to. Don't overthink it.

  27. I can’t sleep after sex and sometimes get post-sex migraines. If I have a long day ahead or have to get up early, I just say before bed to my partner that I have to sleep well that night so there’s no expectation of sex during the night and either have sex before bedtime or skip that night. I would say at least some of the initiation is coming from her by pushing against or grinding, but now that you both know she can’t sleep, discuss saving middle of the night sex for nights before she’s off work.

  28. At the end of the day while you have complained nothing has changed?

    Is that because you are scared to find out the truth, or hold her to boundaries that you can’t enforce.

    It appears from your story that it is a very one sided relationship, in that you may love her and she does not have the same feelings in return.

    Maybe you should try to get therapy and once you are strong enough other options will become available.

  29. OP, one of the things you'll discover is that this particular subreddit is often toxic as hell. People do a childish “piling on” in here that's pretty sickening.

    I completely get what you're saying. And people here are using incredibly poor reasoning and generalizations.

  30. It’s probably one of those relationships that people stay in to prove everyone wrong. “I’m not a groomer, look we’ve been together for years!”

  31. That's kind of a stupid take. If he didn't, then it's actually just you that have trust issues and leaving him just means you're not gonna trust the next guy either.

  32. Yeah. She sounds like someone who believes in “praying the gay away” and “conversion therapy”. Basically making said child's life a living nightmare before kicking them out as a teenager anyway. “Lovely personality” for sure. /s

  33. Yeah. She sounds like someone who believes in “praying the gay away” and “conversion therapy”. Basically making said child's life a living nightmare before kicking them out as a teenager anyway. “Lovely personality” for sure. /s

  34. Because he doesn't mean it. I'll tell you a story. When I was 26 and my now husband was 52, he moved over 2k miles away THREE WEEKS into our relationship. We lived long distance for a whole year. He flew back to California every weekend for that year, only missing 2 out of 52 weeks – the week he moved across country and the week we were moving in together. He proposed during this time and would have moved back in a heartbeat if I had said that it wasn't working or I was lonely. We've been married 5 years now, own a home together, and have a 2 year old baby. I also brought a son to the marriage who he is adopting. Neither of us has ever been unfaithful.

  35. That complication you're feeling is that you are a creep you preys on girls who are your daughters age.

    You are disgusting and I hope your daughter has the most incredible life without her pedophile sperm donor

  36. You have another problem too, which actually ruins your relationship. You violated trust, granted he could've first we don't know the full story between him and this other lady. So either way once you tell him he probably will never tell you anything again and turn bitter from there and then eventually end up hating you and ending it.

  37. Honestly you sound blinded by the fact that a young girl is into you and you sound way insecure which will not bode well for this or any relationship. The way you write this is sounds so vapid and you have said nothing about her as a person that makes me convinced you actually really love her as you claim. Just move on.

  38. Talk to her and get her story.

    She could be abused. Neglected. etc.

    Anything about her cheating on you or being a back up plan depends on how honest she's going to be with you. You barely know her and if you want a long term chance then she needs to open up and be honest.

    And you need to trust her.

    You've given blind trust but now have some red flags to investigate. Time to talk and see if this is a fling or a long term.

  39. Tbh if this were me I'd either throw a drink in the dad's face or outright slap him. Maybe then he will get the message? Regardless, you shouldn't be with someone who allows his family to harass you. My husband would be disgusted and probably fight his dad if he ever said anything like that to me. The dad is a POS and the boyfriend doesn't fall far from the tree either.

  40. If she is doing this to everyone, I'd say it's really likely she is going through a difficult time, may even have developed a mental illness. Try talking to her and getting her to open up, she likely needs support right now.

  41. Op, you haven’t done anything wrong. Even in the past. Be wary of your partner. There is a power imbalance here because of age difference and and she is using very strong and untrue accusations to make you doubt yourself and to control you.

    Think what is behind this? She might be worried that you are so much younger that you will meet someone your own age.

    Please stick up for yourself and don’t just see things her way.

  42. He has agreed to go to therapy (although is yet to actually book an appt). Recently, when he was upset with his dad, he said that he needed to go for a walk to calm down. However, I have yet to see him do the same with me. Our last fight consisted of him yelling and me telling him to calm down. So i see some improvement, just not with me (yet)

  43. I really wish I’d gotten the chance to have more sexual partners.

    But… you did have the chance. You had YEARS. And all you did is sext and flirt and then only slept with one.

    You have quite serious intimacy issues if sexting is all you ever actually get to, if you can only actually do “the hunt” and not past that. I think for your own good you need to get into what the deal is with a professional. Not just for your gf but because something is going on with you that's going to affect things for the rest of your life.

  44. Sleeping separately can give someone the space needed to decompress after an argument. I used to follow my ex around wanting resolution and it made things worse. When I started sleeping downstairs, we could chill and regroup the next morning.

    The issue is the frequency of these arguments, you need to get to the bottom of that.

  45. You should have signed legal documents when going through IVF that dictates what happens to your embryos upon divorce. What did you decide then?

    I have an IVF baby and I couldn’t imagine forcing my (hypothetical) soon to be ex into parenthood. I wouldn’t let my husband do the same.

    I do think he’s screwing you over and you need to move on now. But consult your legal paperwork and a lawyer now.


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