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  1. No. Before me, she lived with her parents and helped them and was taking a break from studying to be a dentist. But after being with me she kind of derailed and now she doesn't want to do anything. Her dad even paid for classes to help her prepare for DAT exam but she started missing the on-line class after the first few classes. She says that now if we break up, she has nothing to do becuade she left her parents and her opportunities to stay with me. She did work around 5 years ago when she was in college. She never lived by herself.

  2. If she's doing them in a communal space then that's quite rude and inconsiderate, my friend does nails for work and the smell is strong and does go through the whole house so it seems fair your wife could go to the guest house or a isolated room with an open window to limit the smell.

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