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  1. I’m sorry but mental illness is not ever an excuse for verbal, emotional, or physical abuse. If you’re murdered by someone and they have a mental illness such as hoarding or OCD or ADD, then they are innocent because of their mental illness? The MIL does not have dementia or psychosis or a lot schizophrenic tendencies. How do I make this assumption, she verbal attacked the kids in secret and when discovered she hid it. She also has great memory (giving her card). She also was assumably “scolded” by her son which is why she reacted negatively to her DIL and left the room. That’s her knowing right from wrong. Stop excusing her behavior.

  2. Sorry for what your sister went through, but can I say if you or your brother live on your own can you help and get your sister to move in with you. If not just keep sticking up for her and let her know you are both on her side.


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