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Model from: it

Languages: en,it

Birth Date: 1988-05-21

Body Type: bodyTypeThin

Ethnicity: ethnicityWhite

Hair color: hairColorRed

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  2. 4 months ago someone had commented that you could stay but this would continue to happen. Well you stayed, and it continues to happen. Surprise surprise. He isn't going to change and you will end up back here in another 4 months.

    I think you already know what you should do.

  3. If you're friends it wouldn't be weird to give her a birthday gift. But in terms of your “feelings”, which one assumes are romantic – you're not really clear on that, you can't set that to a timeline because it all depends on how she responds to your various interactions. Most women feel that they should be able to have male friends without any hint of sex or romance being involved. Nothing in what you've written here indicates that she's given you any signals she might want more than a platonic friendship with you. So you have to be able to read her on this. Study her body language, listen when she speaks to see if there's any flirtation there. It's pointless to just plan to hit on someone if they're not already actively indicating their interest in you. Good luck

  4. I honestly don't understand why y'all intentionally stay in these drama-filled relationships. It is wholly possible to have a relationship with someone that you trust, that trusts you, and with whom there is no drama beyond the normal everyday stuff that pops up in a relationship. I could give a fuck what my wife does on Instagram because I know there is nothing that could be going on that I should be concerned about, because that's the kind of person she is.

  5. She had sex that night and regretted it because they ditched her after. Was already phone cheating on you before then. Got told the right things and then got pied off. So she naturally went back to you.

  6. I love her but there are other things such as the codependency and not being on her own that are stressful to me too.

  7. Set the boundary! Or boundaries I should say. I don’t think a general line of don’t touch me at home is doable exactly, as some people like more physical touch than others BUT having the boundary that you don’t want to be fondled while you are working, or you don’t like certain types of touch or you want to be asked before being touched are all valid. My husband still asks if he can kiss me/hug me/lean up against me when we have not been cuddling already because he knows I’m not ok with being pawed at.

  8. First cut his ex out of your life. Otherwise he’ll never trust you to actually help.

    Second just be there for him don’t blame him or give advice just guide him. Some people just need to know that there boys have there back.

  9. Listen, logical adults with nothing to hide would have a reason for this. He is hiding something. He is trying to confuse you on purpose.

    He's got some shady shit happening

  10. Just play along and be supportive. He probably feels very lonely with close friends where you online now. If he wants to hang out with his buddy alone, let him. If he wants you to stay with them while they chat about old memories that you can’t relate to, stick around and ask questions.

    This is kind of like therapy for him. After the friend leaves, encourage him to stay in touch. This visit is about your Fiancé having a good time with a friend.


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