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47 thoughts on “Carolina_Novoalive sex stripping with LIVE Cams

  1. Just a nudge and wink, hoping you are doing well and you are ever so happy. Hope your courage and conviction is stronger than ever, migitmagee.

  2. He may be giving them to friends or making balloon animals in his part time career. There is also the possibility that he’s putting them, unwrapped, in his friends oatmeal and laughing when it ends up in there mouth. Otherwise your fears are a reality, but before you get scared I’m pretty sure all of the guys here have handed condoms to friends in need

  3. You are right, he has problems and it's toxic.

    If he threatens with suicide again, just pass the responsibility to the authorities or his family and walk away. The burden of such behavior is not yours to carry.

  4. So you've been dating what like a year at most? Girl get in the backseat and let him be a great daddy. It's a holiday for children and family first. You are neither. You'll live! without him for a day.

  5. I'll add– I honestly don't think unrequited love is a “thing”. You don't fall in love until it's mutual, you've actually had a relationship, seen the problems, etc. What the OP has is two years of infatuation.

  6. Well, I don't know if you have any roadblocks for you.

    My take would be this.

    I already know my reletionship is over. This is a no-compromise situation, its just a matter of when.

    To go from point A to point B, will be a journey.

    Physically moving, becoming emotionally detached, settling those detached feelings, finally feeling completely past your ex-reletionship… it's going to be a process.

    I'd rather start it now, than later, and get to point B faster.

  7. Don't let go of these things. Avoid being home as much as you can. Get a part time job and save every penny. Is your dad still in the picture at all? Because your mom has made it clear she'll put up with anything so she won't be alone.

  8. Would that be an asexual thing? I haven’t always been into it but I would never say it always sucks, if I felt that way I wouldn’t have it at all and consider myself asexual.

  9. Honestly, yeah. I totally agree. But we've been together for so long that I really want a future with him. We already have plans of moving in together and everything.

  10. Your mom made her choice.

    You need to go no contact with her for a while and she may eventually realize she values having a relationship with you more than she values her ability to control your life.

  11. I am so glad you don’t have kids op. As much as you are under pressure with this now, that would be exponentially harder with your wife not onboard.

  12. Life's too short. Sending signals to make him guess he should make a move is uncertain. Just tell him you like him and go from there.

  13. Yes, she said that whilst he was away trying to enjoy himself. I couldn't imagine being with someone who would literally turn a happy occasion into being about them. He ended it in a harsh way, I doubt this is ops first time being clingy.

  14. Why would you ever date someone who fundamentally does not want the same things as you? He responsibly told you his stance from the start and you entered into this relationship armed with that information.

    It is incredibly unfair. He was firm about not wanting pets and still compromised and you moved in with the dog you already have. If you knew you were going to want more pets in the future you should have also been honest, responsible, and forthcoming about it.

    It’s OKAY to deeply love pets and want more. It’s OKAY for him to not want them. It’s not okay for you to try and force the issue.

  15. I’m glad you’ve made the decision to leave on your own. You deserve to be happy and you deserve someone who puts in the effort. I’m sorry about your axolotl

  16. sorry, you sound kind of crazy. most people don’t go out looking for their dream partner. They find somebody that they could be happy with.

    he thinks that you could be his perfect partner as far as attractiveness goes, and you seem to agree that you’re not perfect.

    I don’t understand why you care so much that he wanted you to feel good about yourself.

    this is definitely a you problem not a him problem

  17. First off, never date someone who makes you feel like you're the exception to a general hate and disrespect for your gender. It's not a compliment, it doesn't make you special. It makes them a misogynistic piece of shit who manipulates you for sex. Pay attention to how a person treats everyone in their life or daily interaction, not just how they treat you. And if you have found it funny that he trashes other women as a whole, then that doesn't say much about you either.

    Secondly, this isn't a “She did X thing that annoyed me bro” or “I am super frustrated she doesn't understand Y” which are specific gripes which could exist within a healthy relationship. This is him saying he doesn't care about anything you have to say because it's worth it, he does not want you to feel joy because it annoys him, and you exactly the same as every bad thing you ever heard him say about women, and just lies to your face so he can keep getting sex. Yes, this is a huge deal.

    General reminder: If you encourage men who build you up by tearing other women down, you absolutely deserve it when they do it to you.

  18. He's never cheated before. It's his friend real feminine friend and I had many friends male in the past; he says that he wants to have the same than I did. I never hid my conversations with these friends and all, but he says that it's unfair that I suspect him while I had many male friends in the past

  19. Last year I talked to a girl for about 4 months, and I decided that it's time to ask her about the gf bf situation. I got a negative response. After like a week, I found out that she showed our conversation to about half of her class, made fun of me and all of the good stuff. Meanwhile, she had a boyfriend for over 8 months and when I asked if she is in a relationship she said no. Based of this, if her intentions are the same, I think that simply asking her is not the way to go.

  20. Suggest he get a vasectomy if he doesn’t like condoms. Hopefully you are using a spermicide as well.

  21. Let her go. It's not fair to her. Let her find someone who loves her instead being tied to someone who only tolerates her.

  22. Sorry but you are an idiot. You had an optimal co-parenting relationship going on, you were able to be friends. Nothing would be more ideal for your son. And you screwed that up because your new gf was jealous. Nothing you described about your exes coparenting behaviour is not great… you are so clueless. How can you can the communication with your ex so drastically. You should do anything to make sure you are friends for your sons sake. Dumb your gf. She is an extremely bad influence for your relationship to your son

  23. You can’t be surprised by consistency. I would not move in with this guy. He will continue to spend your money. You might eventually end up paying rent by yourself.

  24. Yes, more contradictions. OP mentions a few times about how the son and his wife are 'holding grudges' which means that something took place. But OP has decided that 'whatever it was' should be forgiven and forgotten. None of which lines up with her constant assertions that they've done nothing wrong and/or aren't aware of what they've done wrong. Which makes no sense because she knows they are 'holding a grudge' which means she knows the event that took place to foster the grudge in the first place. So does OP know the 'missing reasons' for her shitty relationship or doesn't she? She constantly skirts around the edges of the issues with half-baked, vague acknowledgements of her wrong doings which she wants forgiveness for while simultaneously insisting she doesn't have any idea what she could've done.

  25. For me this is a clear sign that you guys shouldn't be exclusive. I personally think you are more in the wrong than her, but this is my personal.pov.

    First, you guys are fwb. Why you feel entitled to go through her phone is a mistery to me. If you are insecure now when you guys are just having sex with no commitment, I can't imagine how controlling you can be if she is a girlfriend.

    Second she lied to you, which is never a good sign. She should tell you the truth or be cristal clear that she will not discuss her past with you in any instance. However, she is your fuck buddy, so she doesn't exactly own you anything. Why do you care if she slept with this guy? You are afraid that she is still sleeping with him? And if she told you the truth, what exactly would you do with it?

    You learned some very hot stuff about each other. She learned that you would go through her phone even when you guys are not even dating cause you can't trust her. You learned that she lied and can't be trusted. Not good basis for a relationship.

    And yeah, you are an ahole. She is a liar, but she lied to her fuck buddy, not her boyfriend. You violated her privacy when she doesn't own you anything and was seeing you casually. You are totally in the right to see her in a new light due this but you are not right in how you discovered it.

  26. You can’t she might have her own reasons. And you really need to bring the topic if you really wanted to meet them or otherwise you’ll keep thinking and thinking about it which leads to overthink!

  27. Nah. You need to leave this dude. I'm a poster child for daddy issues and guess what? I got help. I did years of intensive therapy, as well as cut my birth father out of my life.

    Why should you help a man who refuses to help himself? He's incapable of being in a (healthy) relationship until he gets help. I've been there too. But it isn't your job to fix him. He has to fix himself.

  28. I think the point is could you have a little less savings today and get some help right now so that you are not miserable? I'm not saying blow your entire retirement on a nanny, but could you adjust a few things to hire a babysitter one night a week for 7 weeks so you can play golf?

    I know plenty of people who suffered for years so they could have this amazing retirement. They pinched pennies, ate ramen, and never spent anything because they were going to retire in style. It was going to be amazing. And then, right when they retired, they had a heart attack and died. So what did they get in the long run? A miserable, awful, unhappy life. And that's it. There was no magic happiness at the end. Do you think if they knew that's how it would end, they would have lived like that? I'm guessing no. You deserve joy. Life is already very hot. Please don't make it harder for a tentative future. Take a tiny bit for today. Your husband is with his bowling, so you can, too.

  29. He’s ACE and you’re not. That’s ok. It doesn’t make you a bad person. Don’t tell him that even if you never have sex again, he’s more than enough. This is something you have to figure out. Whatever future you two may have will depend on how you redefine your relationship boundaries. But it’s ok for you to need to be in a relationship where a healthy sex life is a factor.

  30. My ex (25f) had me (26m) cut contact with a friend I think now (36f) because she told me how much she cared for me as a person all the while since that time having a friend of the opposite gender do the same several times. But I couldn't tell her to not do that as I'd be “controlling” safe to say Since our breakup I've actually not felt ridiculed about everything. And I have that same friend coming to visit as a redemption visit from the prior time.


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