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32 thoughts on “blondy the very hot live! sex chat with hottest babes with a LIVE Cams

  1. I think that between space is also where sleep paralysis demons live!, but I’m not fully certain. Something about some sleep features coming online while others remain offline

  2. Thank you for noticing abt the other comments although i am open fully to the idea that its the anti depresents. But yes i agree man you really just read how i really feel off a comment and yeah i do feel its a little unfair to be direspected by that and it does bother me alot. Out of all the things im most definetley gonna talk to her abt that in soecifics and i aprecciate this comment bro.

  3. Is fiancée contributing to the purchase price? If not, respect your parents wishes, have it only in your name. It will be considered a premarital asset.

  4. Work on your exit plan NOW. Do what you need to do to extract yourself from this abusive situation. Your child doesn’t need that example either. Save up, call friends and family, get your ducks. in. order. Then LEAVE

  5. If you really want to overcome this then you need to quit this game until you're able to control yourself when it comes to this character. I'm pretty sure every human on this planet has gone through what you've gone through but when it starts affecting your personal relationships you need to really take a step back and think about what it's going to take for you to get over this obsession. Best of luck to you!

  6. And I get that but I am getting insecure after the refusal to post anything of me after all the vacations we have taken together, the birthdays we have spent together, the holidays we have been a part of, we completed marathons with each other and she supported me during my ironman race.

    So we do all these amazing things together, take tons of pictures together, she posts her own stuff as if I don't exist while simultaneously checking her boyfriends posts & stories and finds herself distraught after seeing his posts

  7. EXACTLY!! And for God's sake, stop sleeping with her! If I read your post correctly, you are hooking up with her, then telling her that you don't want to see her…..until the NEXT time you feel so much “pressure”, that you have to sleep with her again. I can see why she would be confused!! If you're going to cut her off, then CUT HER OFF! Stop going back for 2nds, 3rds, 4ths, etc…

  8. Sounds like your inner Amber Heard came out. If you're a domestic abuser just say that. Stop trying to make excuses for your abusive behavior because if you had told the same story in reverse everyone would be saying that he's a monster and that you could do better. Sounds like he needs to leave your abusive insecure ass.

  9. You aren't down with the arrangement if you're pissed at the arrangement.

    They might be a hypocrite, but you know exactly how they operate.

    Your tool is to break up. They've made it clear what they're going to do. If you verbally come at them and they say that they'll use protection, they're just trying to shut you up.

    You do you OP, but you're wasting your time here.

  10. It sounds like SA, but it also sounds like you have a serious drinking problem of you're blacking out. My advice is to go completely sober permanently.

  11. You’re doing a fantastic job of modelling unhealthy and toxic relationship behaviours for your three kids. I hope you can learn to stand up for yourself rather than just avoiding leaving the house to keep him happy. What a sad life.

  12. Why can’t you learn to make her a cocktail? It’s a bit odd that someone’s decision to stop drinking has any type of negative impact on you. Your GF doesn’t need to be your drinking buddy

  13. Similar to what is written here except she claims he is her husband and best friend (yeah, right). She says she doesn’t remember the night due to drinking and she insists that she is not a lesbian.

  14. Honestly, I don't know how it improved for me. We both have therapy and friends we confide. There as been many clash, claims that sound like treason, i said- you said games , friendships that screams Red Flag, etcetera.

    All of sudden we went from cold war to fusion and from abstinence to hard-core. Yesterday I brought back our sex toys that I stocked in a cupboard away from kids many years ago.

    I think that the axis point was that we were both ready to go away and considered meeting unknown possible partner was more or less the same effort as to discover that unknown person living in our house.

    She is not addict, but her mental health was as bad. I feel for you because I have been there. The good new is that the way out exists, the bad new is that I have no solid idea where it lay.

  15. If u are considering a break up, say something anyway. What does it matter at this point if she gets offended? It will just confirm she is manipulative and grifty. Ask her about the loan and use it for s springboard for your other observations.

  16. Or it might be because she thinks she doesn't like photos. I don't like photos and would prefer not being close to the center of attention for a big event. If I was in her shoes I'd be happy.

  17. I do feel like that sometimes but he never had a gf or a first kiss or anything before me, maybe he needs to learn how to love in a healthy way

  18. I do feel like that sometimes but he never had a gf or a first kiss or anything before me, maybe he needs to learn how to love in a healthy way

  19. So a 25 year old man picked up a 19 year old, moved the relationship along super quickly and now many years down the line isn’t treating you well and is showing some borderline abusive behavior. Did I miss anything? This seems calculated on his part ngl

  20. Good for you hon! My husband is so considerate of me when I'm not feeling well, I don't whine or moan to him about anything but he ALWAYS knows when something is up and is always so solicitous towards me, someone who loves you will always try to make you feel better and that jerk wasn't doing it.

  21. She was nice, yet firm, and I respect that.

    Then continue to respect it. You are asking how to circumvent her clear “no,” and that's not respectful at all. Whatever her reason for rejecting you, she has made it clear she's not interested in talking to you. You've already asked her once after being rejected initially and she still said no. She doesn't want to talk to you.

    It doesn't matter if you felt a connection you want to pursue, she does not. No means no.


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