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blondefoxsilverfox, y.o.

Location: United States

Room subject: Tug-of-War | Hush, ‘o’war! Tip for the Fox who gets the Anal Toy!

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6 thoughts on “blondefoxsilverfox the hard live! sex chat with hottest babes with a Live HD

  1. it's good that he's being sincere. if he ever makes a comment about your looks or has made some before, then I would argue this is negging. an intentional tactic to lower self esteem so you work naked to 'keep him'. does he talk about how attractive other women are, mention how many girls give him attention or give you back handed compliments? those are all signs that he's being manipulative.

  2. So thirsty reddit weirdos know she has a “muscular, phatt butt”. I cringed so fucking very hot reading it.

  3. I don’t know why the first paragraph of yours made me so emotional— but it did. Yeah.

    I guess I worry about her mental health. I’ve had the “ultimatum” dropped on me before and had to make the cop call.

  4. Dang i just read my previous post and it has been exactly 1 year.. wtf am i really doing.. and what am I going to choose to do? Certainly, I am going to do something. Will have an update later!


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