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  1. You need to find other things that bring joy to your life than your husband.

    He is telling you that knowing you have absolutely nobody and nothing else in your life but him makes him feel heavily restricted and obligated.

    You need other relationships in your life. You need other support systems. You need other forms of joy.

  2. So you flat out admit you didn't read the post lol I specifically said I would never break up with him because I love him so much. You're a trashy idiot, bye ✌️

  3. Very true! I think at the end of the day I know it bothers me as I wouldn’t have posted in here and I have to set my boundary.

    Tomorrow I’ll approach the topic in a non-accusatory way and ask him what his views on liking are etc. If we can come to some agreement – brilliant! If not, I think it’s understandable we may not be compatible. I think I have to respect my own boundaries at the end of the day ❤️

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