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Languages: es,en

Birth Date: 1999-11-11

Body Type: bodyTypeAverage

Ethnicity: ethnicityLatino

Hair color: hairColorRed

Eyes color: eyeColorBrown

Subculture: subcultureGlamour


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13 thoughts on “belaa_1live sex stripping with Live HD

  1. Somethings harmless between adults aren't harmless to the children when they discover it impromptu. And, him losing it with his dad is the damage here. It might be bad or not bad. But, he's certainly in damage controls mode.

  2. Not necessarily if the video is from someone he knows. In that case, reporting it would depend on whether he wants to destroy the girl's life. He should delete the video immediately without responding to it in any case. If he does not want to destroy the girl (if he knows her), he should warn the girl about the risk of legal peril if she does something like that.

  3. She sounds disrespectful and didn't even ask you your thoughts on any of it. I would be uncomfortable if my dude didn't tell me he booked a trip to stay at a friend's place in another city, no matter the gender. If she doesn't want to go on trips with you, and takes trips with other people instead, that's a whole conversation.

  4. No. You don’t share common goals in life. You’re FORTY THREE my guy. You should be hitting your goals by now. She’s a literal child. The interest is that you’re a pervert, and she’s blind to it.

  5. If you aren't keeping the baby you have no reason to tell him but if you are going to. You need to.

    As someone that's currently pregnant i knw its a whole lot to deal with and go through.

    But as someone that also grew up without a father there is a big difference in not having one because he's a dick and didn't want to be involved. As a single mom you can do ur best to protect that child from that then because it's his choice to not be involved.

    But to not tell him and have your child find out later the reason they didn't have a dad that although he is a shitty dude and bf. Might surprise the shit out of everyone involved and been a good dad.

    And you never told him about the child… that's setting yourself up for failure and for the world of confusion and resentment from your child.

  6. I understand what you’re saying.

    I’m quite hot on myself so I’ve had what you’re telling me as internal dialogue too. I’m learning to be more patient and gentle with myself though and I think that’s a healthier path toward change than berating myself for making mistakes. They are all learning experiences. I’m 19, a girl, any girl would have fallen for his calculated sweetness and I wouldn’t call her dumb or weak. She’s just looking for affection with the wrong map.

    I’m currently in therapy and exploring what I need for a relationship/friendship to feel supported and thrive. The first step is awareness but putting what you learn to practice and not returning to an addictive relationship cycle is difficult.

  7. What the hell does it matter how it's framed. They went on a ski trip together, and you just stood idly by and watched it happen. It's time to grow a pair and kick her to the curb. Sell the house and move on to a better, more fulfilling relationship with someone who can respect you, and you can respect them.

  8. Went from one abuser to another. Run. You need therapy to try and identify why you're continuing to find yourself attracted to these types especially because you have kids and are likely to fall into the same cycle they see you're in.

  9. You didn't, they are equally valid points. I am making the assumption she used him for cash and he, because she was young. The relationship was founded on both partners leveraging each other.

  10. To be fair if she explicitly stated that was her dream, it would be a lot better to do it then than some other random day.


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