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  1. I suggest you read Come as you are by Emily Nagoski. She’s a scientist and in this book she covers the topic of female orgasm in a very easy way to follow. She explains that we don’t know much about it but what we do know is that in order for women to orgasm from penetration alone our anatomy has to be a certain way, the clitoris has to be a certain distance from the vaginal opening, I forgot how close exactly. But if it is further there is no way for a woman to achieve that unless we are talking some alien dick that’s very weirdly shaped, ok? So don’t beat yourself up you are in the 60% of women. Also, you mentioned you were shamed as a child and that is also huge factor in this. You might want to consider therapy to resolve that but for yourself not anyone else. Alright? I have to tell you though, your bf sounds really immature. I hope you heal from your wounds and realise you deserve much more than that. ❤️

  2. The better question is whether she’s okay with being monogamous. Being bi isn’t a green light to cheat when you’re in a monogamous relationship, and her request is unreasonable under the circumstances. Kissing a girl won’t confirm anything for her; if she wants to do it, she already knows.

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