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Languages: en,es,fr,it

Birth Date: 1998-06-15

Body Type: bodyTypeAverage

Ethnicity: ethnicityWhite

Hair color: hairColorOther

Eyes color: eyeColorHazel

Subculture: subcultureStudent

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  1. We can't just act like everyone is some irregularity of unpredictable parts. We're biologically wired to find certain things attractive as males and females. Denying this is such a pretty way of dressing up lies and infidelity. If you brought this excuse to it's logical conclusion you could justify literally ANYTHING.

  2. Just to add to my comment, don’t issue an ultimatum about this unless you’re willing to lose the relationship over it.

    Idk if he is otherwise a good communicator. Maybe his communication skills are lacking but he’s great in every other respect.

    Maybe the lack of communication is just one of many shortcomings. Maybe you need someone that sincerely considers your needs and is willing to adjust their behavior accordingly.

    Ultimatums are not good for a relationship and typically aren’t effective. Also, they’re usually for more serious issues. I’m not saying that communication isn’t important, rather, if someone can’t do something as basic as listen to your concerns and communicate, then there’s usually a more serious underlying problem than communication.

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  4. Pull out method is sure fire way to become pregnant that’s not an effective BC method – you should know better at 25 years old. Especially using this method with a man who thinks that birth control is a woman’s responsibility and doesn’t agree with abortion? ICK. This guy is selfish and I don’t understand what you would want to continue having sex with him. Stop having sex with him unless he wears a condom. If he refuses and still asks for sex then “no” is complete sentence. It doesn’t sound like he respects you.

  5. Look. Spending 4 years with someone is a while. It’s long enough to know if the relationship is going to develop further or if it’s just 2 people on very different paths.

    My most educated guess here is she wanted to marry the dude but he had no intentions of going further.

    If you’re not sure, just have a discussion around why she cried and why it bothered her to get to the bottom of it. If it still bothers you after said discussion, feel free to reevaluate your relationship and go from there


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