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  1. She wants me to buy her expensive things, for example, a sports jersey that was on sale. When Fran found out, she said she was hoping there’s no way I was actually buying it for Greta, I said yes. I decided not to after seeing how mad Fran got. There have been times where she would ask me to get UberEats for her and I would say no. I also shared my family Netflix account with her, and when Fran found out she was VERY MAD. Whenever she (Greta) has dumb requests, I always say no now.

    To answer the question about why I shared the location with her, she basically said “let’s share locations” and I responded with ok.

    And Greta didn’t talk about Fran until now and because I thought the location thing was dumb too because Fran felt sharing your location with others was for significant others and family members only, I didn’t see the problem with the location because it’s not like she’s going to come find me. Plus she shares her location with others. However, I find it suspicious that she had such a big reaction to Fran’s boundary.


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