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26 thoughts on “Arisa_kawasakilive sex stripping with LIVE Cams

  1. Do not say absolutely anything

    The safest way to go about it would be for your SO to, in an inconspicuous manner, tell your MIL something like “Oh I don't know if you already got OP her present this year, but she really has her eye on X. I would get it for her myself but I was already thinking about buying something else.” Or something around those lines depending on their dynamic as mother and child. Don't say anything yourself.

    Maybe next year she asks if there's something you're looking forward to and you create a cycle where you can make more direct suggestions.

    If it doesn't happen, drop it and suck it up.

    Don't point out anything about previous presents. She probably really tries to make you happy and it's going to break her heart. It's something so small to mess a good relationship with your MIL.

  2. He might think that would scare you away. I had numerous times where I was enjoying time with a girl where asking her to be my girlfriend completely ended the thing we had going. Ghosted some of the time, others they said they weren't ready for that kind of relationship…I met my wife on Tinder, spent most of our time together in her dorm at night, slept together the first night, she did my laundry because I would keep clothes in her room and she would get extra food from the dining room. Everything he's looking for aside from the key sounds exactly like a serious relationship to me.

  3. Distance is the issue. So that’s not going to work

    In a confident way I just want to put it out there and then he can reject me like every guy has lol ?.


    Friends are cool..

    Or if he ever moves back and wants to try to go out again

    And no, then cool

  4. If it were a financial thing but he really wanted to marry you, you'd be at city hall tomorrow and saving for a big party two years from now. He knows how much this means for you and doesn't care enough to work around the financial situation. You don't need money to get married.

  5. What a cruel thing to say, you are only annoying to her because she has already emotionally left the relationship. Partners are kind and supportive and interested in what their partner feels. Sorry you are going through this and good luck, the advice here seems really good.

  6. You need to move out. Then firmly tell your parents you will NOT be caring for your brother and that they need to make other arrangements. This is not your problem.

  7. Why did he “die inside”? Was it because he got caught or because he actually feels awful?

    If he did it once, before marriage and while traveling, just to see what it was, and feels terrible, that might be a good motivation for him to be faithful from now on.

    Even so, I’d have a hard time moving past it. I wouldn’t want to build a life with a person who would hire a sex worker. Not to mention, workers in those “massage parlors” are often sex trafficking victims. The customer is paying to abuse an unwilling imprisoned trafficking victim.

    If he frequents sex workers and just happened to get caught this one time, I’d definitely break up. If it’s really a one-time thing, I’d still probably break up. It’s a character flaw.

  8. she got all defensive about it she said she isn’t going to leave me but she wants a child.

    You make it clear the answer is no. You may need to be the one who acts like an adult and leaves.

  9. I am am far too perfect to have a relationship with most men without them getting insecure.

    LOL, no you're not. What you are is a troll, and not a very good one at that. Nobody is this conceited, and if they are they aren't nearly as polite as your invented character is being.

    But, on the off chance that this is a real person with a real problem, I will give you some good advice:

    Relationships take place between people, not bodies. You may be nude and you may look great, but nobody is looking for a perfect body, because bodies change, unpredictably and inevitably. If someone is genuinely looking for a woman who never wrinkles, then he's going to dump you the day the first one arrives. Bodies are wrapping paper.

    And you're so proud of yours that you have become stuck up and self-obsessed. And that's the real reason no one wants to date you.

    Look at your existing personality and see what you can do to increase the amount of humility in it by about 1,000%. You'll do a lot better in life.

  10. You should definitely bring this up. Personally if were him it would be a deal breaker for me and it sounds like it's very important to you that someone keeps in touch with you all the time, whereas he may be more like myself and prefer face to face interactions. So it could be an incompatibility. On the other hand he may just be playing it cool because you just met and is otherwise just as “needy” as you (I couldn't think of another word so just used yours).

    So the only way to find out is to ask.

  11. Do you only tell your wife about things that are necessary? My husband and I tell each other so much random crap that this definitely would have come out almost instantly just because we talk to each other.

    You’re not spending enough time with your wife, you’re not talking to her enough, and you need to step up and start having quality time together.

  12. To be completely honest, I'm not really sure there are many women out there who would be interested being with someone who prioritizes their hobby over them all the time and doesn't have time for them.

    There's nothing wrong with your sports goals right now, but it does seem like it's conflicting with your desire to start a family. I can't imagine anyone would want to settle down and start a family (what I'm reading is you want to have children) with someone who doesn't have time for them or their children. Why would they? Why would you want this anyway? To have a spouse and/or a child and not spend time with them is not fair to them. Children need to take priority, and it doesn't seem like you're willing to prioritize anything other than yourself right now. Again, there's nothing inherently wrong with that, but there is something wrong with having a kid or a girlfriend that you don't have any time for.

  13. My boyfriend has a cousin (his family existed before your relationship) … He used to visit in the summer (this is written as if it happened more than 3 years ago) … Take time to self reflect before you lose him.

  14. the funniest part to me about it is these dudes are absolutely not getting their women off which means she's unsatisfied – the opposite of a pillow princess….

  15. He did offer and point out food. She admitted she didn’t want what was offered and helped herself to something he didn’t point out. Have a blessed day! ?

  16. I had an ex when I was around your age; we broke up for awhile then got back together. He met a girl during our time apart and he did the exact same things your boyfriend is doing. We had brick phones back then, so no screenshots, but he’d still text her all about my jealousy and they’d laugh about it together. It was a year of torture and jealousy, he’d get furious with me when I’d ask him to stop talking to her. I had enough after a year and left him… suddenly he was all about me and couldn’t believe I’d leave him.

    Honestly, the best thing you can do for yourself is walk away.

  17. Wow, he's really far out there. What does he think about getting a raise or bonus, return those too?

  18. I think most people would agree that objectively, war related trauma is ‘worse’ than being cheated on. I have no doubt that if OP’s boyfriend had seen serious combat, he’d be more triggered by war movies than cheating in movies. It doesn’t sound like he has seen combat though, so the cheating experience is probably the most traumatic thing he has ever had to deal with.

    In the same way that a child will be completely distraught about a minor injury when an adult would brush it off, trauma can be relative. That doesn’t mean the hurt child should be ignored or told to grow up. They shouldn’t be coddled, but their concern should be taken seriously, because to them, it is serious.

  19. Nobody can force your bf to marry anyone he doesnt want to.

    Tell him to be mature and adamant to his family on who he wants to be with.

    Just cautioning you tho, your bf is the key person in this situation, if he breaks to pressure either now or when you both are finally married, there goes your relationship.

    He is the one who needs to stand up and make decisions, be a man and responsible for his life and also you as his future bride.

    Looking at his personality, do you think he can do this?

  20. He may have premature ejaculation.

    It could be medically addressed or behaviorially addressed. For instance, he could masturbate earlier before sex to see if that extends his duration. You can try different positions that don't apply the same pressure or sensations.

  21. Why did you ask for a handie when you knew she wasn’t into it? I don’t understand how you could enjoy it when you know she wasn’t enjoying it.


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