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7 thoughts on “Anna the hard on-line sex chat with hottest babes with a Live HD

  1. Do it. The housing issue is more serious than a potential relationship issue. You either roll the dice and get a place to live! with a potential party and a situation that might lead to a housing issue. Or you deal with the actual housing issue now. Either way it's a tough situation. Go the route with a hot room mate lol.

  2. She is pulling her own weight. She shouldn't have to burn herself out doing all of the housework.

    OP had no problem doing his share of chores when she had a job outside the house, he should have no problem doing the same amount when she has redirected that energy from the workplace to parenting.

  3. You can actually kill two birds with one stone here.

    Have your boyfriend file a formal complaint to the restaurant management. He can pose as a customer who “witnessed” the harassment. Heck he can go full Karen and complain about it ruined dinner, etc. Management should freak out and do whatever to make this “customer” happy.

  4. She wants you to tell both sets of parents in a way that makes it look like a mutual decision.

    Screw that. First lawyer up, then tell them exactly how things stand–“I've asked for nothing and that's exactly what she gives me. She wants out and wants it to look like it's the fault of both parties. She can have out if she wants it, but I'll be damned if I'll go along with 'it's nobody's fault'.”

  5. You are very superficial so don’t say anything to your GF about this.

    However, 35 kg is very concerning. I was at that weight when I was at 1st grade. Normally when you gain weight or you are pregnant, your boobs get bigger. I had a friend who was a B but then gained immense weight due to depression and her boobs became DD.


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