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  1. It's not about the risk to life, it's about infections, sensitivity issues, not being able to have an orgasm, having a constant wound. Having to dilate every day for a year. That's not worth it for everyone. Doesn't mean you don't have disphoria, if you don't want to get that surgery. People can choose to mitigate their disphoria through other means.

  2. I did wonder but we've been working from home together since the beginning of the pandemic. I would've caught him I think. It's just been too much time stuck together perhaps but we do things separately as well so I don't understand where he's coming from.

  3. I wrote this right after my “break up”, so I was venting like crazy and it came of very intense sorry. Thank you for your reply! I totally agree you gotta be on the same wavelength. The problem is I feel kinda used, just like a manic pixie dream girl, because guys talk to me “because I can understand them”, they like the “thrill I give them”. I understand going on a few dates and not being in the same vibe and things not working; but the problem is they see me as an adverture, and all the “breakups” I faced was because they were not looking for something serious (and they say that as if I was deeply in love and obsessed)

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  5. I know this is 99,99% of the “advice” that gets given here, but you are obviously very heated, angry and irritated by this. Your boyfriend has already shown you he gives jack shit about the well being of you and the other girls he'll be involved in.

    So, just break up. He isn't going to change, it is not your job to “fix” this issue. Because he doesn't see the issue.

  6. That’s identity theft and a CRIME. To put this nicely yes this is incredibly stupid to consider staying with him. That teaches that it’s okay.

  7. Send your dad to talk with his dad and to tell him to leave you alone!

    You don't need to answer any of his questions! He doesn't trust his son, wants to control him by questioning and harrassing you! You don't need to deal with people like that!

  8. Y’all are immature especially her your grown adults you need to learn to sit and have a conversation and be open to what each has to say

  9. I think OP's best bet would be to establish DNA and then terminate his parental rights to this child if he does not wish to be involved. Once parental rights are relinquished he is no longer accountable for the child.

  10. This is probably “trickle truthing.” First, they tell you one, somewhat innocent thing, and then later, a little more comes out, and only gradually do you get the whole story.

    I'm afraid that if you move somewhere with him, when this relationship ends, you'll be stuck in an unfamiliar city without your friends, and that will be a lot harder than if you cut your losses now. This man already has one foot out the door, and it's not at all unlikely that he has already cheated on you.

  11. Nothing happened in his life. He’s always been thin and fit.

    He just has this idea that there is bad food and good food, and he wants me to pass this message onto our kids.

  12. I understand but I’ve met his friends and family in real life….I’ve been out with him in real life….we’ve been to parties together in real life.I don’t understand why then it would be an issue just on his Facebook page….. I’ve met his mom for goodness sake and I’ve lived with her for 3 months.

  13. Stop harboring hope. She broke up with you for things that you have to be able to go through within a relationship, it’s called life. Resume NC, your friends and family were and still are correct.

  14. I can imagine you wondering, “what was the deal with this specific guy, that you chose to omit him when choosing to disclose everyone else?” It seems fair to ask that question.

  15. Others have given you actual advice, you just don’t want to hear it. Looking at your post history, you and your bf have more problems besides this.

  16. em·pa·thy /ˈempəTHē/ noun the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. “he has a total lack of empathy for anybody”

    Huh? So he doesn't understand or share the feelings of you and the cat that you already have and have sunk love and care into?

    If you're 'beyond disgusted' at his behavior, my advice is to break it off with him so that he can find someone who isn't prone to such hyperbole and can actually think logically.

    FFS it's perfectly okay and logical to not want to add on to a difficult situation with another difficult situation.


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