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  1. I’m currently in a relationship with my twin flame. We met live! and it was crazy the almost instant connection we felt with each other. TF relationships are definitely challenging in their own right. All I can offer you right now, other than a virtual hug (since your pain is palpable through your words) is to stay committed to your current partner since she’s having your child.

    Sometimes we remember things through rose-colored glasses. The fact that you cheated on her tells me you weren’t ready for the commitment to her.

    Love your current partner and your precious new life you created and enjoy where you’re at in this current time. Who knows what the future holds.

  2. I can at least agree that breaks are difficult. It was also not ideal for this to happen right around Thanksgiving. Your intuition makes a lot of sense to me, and I honestly think I deserve someone who is not afraid to communicate those complicated feelings to me. If she wants to explore a different path that doesn't include me, it shouldn't matter how much she loves me, because she is wasting my time by not telling me.

  3. I've been with my husband since we were kids. Hes hit walls on occasion, maybe 5 times in 10 years. Then around the age of idk about 25 I told him he hits another wall, I'm out, he's an adult he can cope like one. Never punched another wall.

  4. You said you both masturbate, so why does he think that it's ok for him to masturbate and not ok for you?

  5. Thanks for the reply . Sex compatibility was always a problem unfortunately. I don’t know if more sex would help him in bed ? Also It is looks because he doesn’t take care of himself anymore but I can’t blame him because he does work a lot so he is always snacking and I’m 110 lbs and he’s 220 .

  6. Thank you for the advice, you've put my thoughts and feelings into words/a plan of action. I've been planning on bringing it up with her, just wasn't sure how I'd go about without causing any unnecessary confusion or misunderstandings on either end

  7. I've had the same therapist for 14 years.

    Ironically, I'm upgrading in every way. I'm starting a new job that is quadruple the most I've ever made before (and in my state that won't affect alimony), I'm moving into a huge downtown Penthouse even though it's a rental, etc.. I'm excited to start my new life. So it makes me feel even worse that I'm celebrating all this newfound success while leaving her in this bad situation. That's why I wanted to cover her bills until we parted ways but my attorneys won't let me.

  8. OR. Or. Or she doesn’t want children.

    Did that ever occur to you? Or are you one of those people who believe that all women want to be mothers?

  9. Its funny how people are so quick to call you controlling and insecure lol. From whats described in this post it seems like you have been nothing but respectful to this girl about this whole situation. As for the solution there isn’t really one. You have communicated what you are uncomfortable with and she has decided to still do what she wants (which is completely okay). Seems like you guys are incompatible.

  10. I asked if your boyfriend understood cause it seems like there’s no answers as to what his specific diagnosis is or what the medication he’s taking. If it’s an antibiotic though, you can breathe. He didn’t pass anything life-long to you.

    Sounds like syphilis though. Syphilis can be latent for years or it can show up about a month after exposure. It’s also possible he could’ve contracted syphilis from his mother when he was born.

  11. Yeah, she wasn't even the one to bring it up in regards to their own personal relationship. Since OP's so concerned he should have an open conversation with her but it's ridiculous to immediately think of ending a relationship because of some off-handed remarks about a hypothetical scenario.

  12. If you bring up this “you didn't fully believe me” angle to your family, I'm not sure your relationship will ever recover. If you want to explore those feelings, that's valid, but try doing it in therapy on your own first before estranging your entire family even more.

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  14. As a quiet, knitting, reading, curled up on the couch type myself, who has had a bad drug-related experience with a family member but avoids judging those who use drugs recreationally, please leave her alone. Your friends convinced you to do something and you did it and that sucked. But more importantly, don’t try to bring people around on drug use if they aren’t interested. If you want a romantic experience on acid, cool. That’s valid, you do you and whomever else. But step one for that endeavor is finding someone who is already game to try it. Also, having a sober person around during a trip is the opposite of a bad idea.

  15. she’s really pretty and her and her partner have an open relationship where they sleep with friends. my bf and i had threesomes before with other girls so i think if we communicated it would have been fine but this wasn’t a conscious choice for me.

  16. “Hey, please wash under your foreskin before we have sex, because it can get a little ripe down there if you don't.”

  17. My sister said she was bored at Christmas because we were having a very relaxed and quiet Christmas with my formally drunk and emotionally abuse mother. I asked her to think about whether she was bored, or whether she was simply so used to chaos around our mother. I told her that if she shifted her perspective to acknowledge that she felt safe and relaxed, she’d realise we were all actually having a nice time together.

  18. Is this also a problem if they go to the beach?

    Or if the guy is just walking out of the shower into his bedroom?

    This is ridiculous.

  19. Do what you want. I’d break up with her on the spot just for suggesting it. But that’s just me. She sounds awful lol

  20. No. It is not fucking normal. Especially not pictures of minors!!! Holy fuck OP. 😳 That would have been the absolute end for me, sorry, but ewww.

    He clearly had a porn addiction, and needs to resolve that, but he also sounds like he has pedo tendencies.

    Ypu don't mention the gender of your children but I would be EXTREMELY WORRIED about hav8ng them around this guy.

  21. I’m actually gonna go against the grain here and say you should ease off a little. Definitely don’t do this pretend-ditzy thing, but don’t straight up ask him out either. You work together and you’ve only really seen him in passing; I think it’s a little risky to make advances straight away.

    Start talking to him like any other teacher you don’t know well. Stand near him, ask about his day/ weekend/ lunch/ whatever. Get to know him as a friendly coworker at least a bit, if only to confirm whether you actually like him before you make a move on a coworker. If you’re really interested in helping out with summer classes, ask him casually without pretending like you don’t know what class he teaches. Hopefully knowing him better will take some of the jitters away, and you’ll know when the time is right to drop a number or ask him out on a date.

  22. Exactly, you are no longer dating, so whatever you agreed to during dating no longer applies. Additionally, use birth control if you don’t want to be a parent or address complicated issues to do with pregnancy and abortion.

  23. . I don’t understand why she thinks it’s ok to charge him rent when she doesn’t pay anything, but I also don’t understand why he thinks her parents resources should be shared with him.

    That's what it boils down to. OP could have peaced out and saved himself that money. It's this portrayal of himself as a… victim?

    If you see in my original comment, I do acknowledge that it's kinda weird that she's charging him so much, but at the end of the day, he knew what he was getting into. Likewise, he knows what to do to get out.

  24. How is rent a “made up” bill? also, we don't know the agreement for use of space between her and her parents. They very well could have told her to keep whatever is being charged. Even if that's not the case, why shouldn't the GF charge rent for her partner taking/using space that she would otherwise be using?

    It sounds like he expected a free ride, and that's not the way the world works. If he can get it cheaper elsewhere, then he should if he's that nude pressed by his current situation. Just because in his imaginary world he wouldn't charge her, doesn't mean she has to do the same.

  25. Do you really need to ask “what should I do?”. Get some self respect and find someone who doesn't see you as a silver medal.

  26. Two things really stand out to me…They did this in a situation where they could rather easily be caught. And your sister hasn't even reached out to you.

    I just…Have a gut feeling that this absolutely was not the first time that something happened between them.

  27. Yeah, they aren't communicating well, and she is making unreasonable demands, probably due to insecurity. None of that is gaslighting. I really wish people would learn to use that word properly.

  28. Be happy for her, as a good friend should, and have patience. Eventually she'll decide who she wants, and will take herself off the market.

  29. You can check your self into a psychiatric facility. You’re not stable. You’re dangerous. And you need more help than any outpatient provider can provide. I can help find facilities that work with your insurance

  30. You’re absolutely right. I don’t know if there is any fixing this unless he changes, which I don’t see happening

  31. OP, this is absolutely atrocious. The mere thought of leaning in to kiss my SO and getting a whiff of dirty balls on his beard makes me physically ill. I want to die just thinking about it. And he TOUCHES your face. With his scrotum fingers. Covered with whatever fucking ball cheese he’s managed to scrape up with his fingernails. What in the absolute fuck is wrong with this guy, and why are you putting up with it?!

  32. You abused someone horribly and now you're having those same thoughts?

    The solution is to block him and go back to therapy.

    Abusers don't get second chances, they will abuse again

  33. Can you just get a boyfriend that isn’t long distance?

    There’s billions of men out there who won’t cheat on you and certainly won’t make you go months without seeing them.

    Life is too short to be playing this game on nude mode.


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