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  1. Well not really but I know I shouldn’t have sent it more of a moment of weakness all I said was hi and now I feel really bad already been feeling guilty about even leaving them. I left them because they’re talking to multiple people

  2. Lmao yeah, the truth hurts them clearly. I won’t bother replying to them because it’s common sense to me. Then again, I am a lesbian. I don’t have these problems with women. I would never settle for such behavior in my one life regardless of gender however. But I have yet to see a man come out and talk about their wife doing something like this ??‍♀️?.

  3. Even if you were in danger … what would he do to help?

    He's stalking you and hiding it with worry ? He needs to trust you. No trust, no relationship.

  4. Honestly, I don't think your husband should feel forced to deal with your sister. A friend of mind (A) was really not in a good place some years ago and was living with another friend (B), and (B) got pretty traumatised by the crisis A was having while not wanting to take medication meanwhile tripping on LSD (he was already experiencing psychosis).

    It's very personal to let somebody crash at your own place, if that happens when the crushing person is having a menta breakdown i think it's fair to feel unfit for the task. Especially if it's a recurrent thing. Why don't you go stay with your sister when she ask that?

    I do feel that there is not enough information to properly judge the situation, but it feels like your husband was against it from the start, and somehow you hope he'll change his mind for whichever reason? Was it clear to him that you wanted to provide this for your sister regularly?

  5. Have you suggested and encouraged him to go exercise or develop an active hobby or sport together?

    We on-line together. We moved countries together. We adjusted our lives so we can online together forever. Do you think people are absolutely stupid and vague in their relationship? Ofc i did. I did everything possible i could have. Reddit post is my last scream into the darkness.

    Back then he was trying to look the best so i would fall in love with him. Which sounds like he got too comfortable now.

  6. Well then you should absolutely leave. If you’re judging a person because of who she dated, found out he was shit then broke it off then leave. Because you don’t deserve someone who had guts enough to leave when she didn’t feel right. And it was only a short time you said.

    It would be totally down if she dated him after all the bad things came to light. If she ignored all the bad and stay with him, had the same beliefs and acted in a similar way and the relationship lasted for years. Then I may could understand. But you’ve listed a ton of things you like about her, how great she is and I’ll add has good judgment because she left his ass.

    You are making a bigger deal out of this than it really is. But again if you can’t see that she did the right thing & left the relationship and get over it then by all means leave and let someone who sees her for who she is now and enjoys her company regardless of who she dated.

    The past is definitely the past. We can not change it and now your punishing her for dating someone over a decade ago when she was young and impressionable. Either accept it’s her past or leave her to find someone that won’t judge her.

  7. I think men that SA other men, including ones that claim straight, have something else going on and they get off on it one way or another. Just a personal belief though.

  8. hugs you both are not at the same place when it comes to finances, stop bailing him out. He needs to come up with his rent money, food etc instead of relying on you. What happens if you move out, or break up? You will succeed and he will fail and have to couch surf because he cannot afford the time to learn how to budget because he has zero impulse control.

  9. Get the ultimate revenge on them. Move on and be happy. Find you a nice girl that won't treat you like this and get married and start a family, etc.

    Don't let those selfish assholes dictate your life. Don't interact with them and if they try to interact with you block them and ignore them. That's the best revenge.

  10. Not really 2 months, this is more like over the course of 5 to 6ish months. And now she did not sabotage the condoms. She just wouldn't do that. And I have told her. Just thought I would post it here to see a variety of opinions. This whole thing is terrifying.

  11. “Oh mr lawyer, this guy thinks I cheated on him. But I won’t even try to agree to the one thing he is asking me to do. Bc all of his friends have recently been cheated on, and is rightfully a little weary. Help me take all his $$$”!!

  12. My primary advice is to stop delaying. You know this relationship is unhealthy, you know you need to end it, so end it.

    As for your mutual friends, don't make any assumptions about their responses. Don't trash-talk your ex or cast her as the bad guy (even if she is); if they ask what happened, be vague – you haven't been getting along well for a while, and you finally realized you needed to end things so both of you are free to find more compatible partners. And then continue to hang out with your friends; it will probably be easier one-on-one or in smaller groups of two or three other people rather than a large group, so nobody has to deal with who to invite or not when 'everyone' is getting together.

    If it does turn out you're socially isolated as a result, join some groups or clubs focused on things you like for their own sake; that way you can participate in social spaces that might allow you to make more/different friends, and even if you don't, you're spending time socializing with friendly acquaintences and doing things you enjoy.

  13. You’re right, I am ignoring the fact that it is shitty.

    I think I’m having a nude time wrapping my head around “how can two people love each other so much and not be able to even get to the relationship stage?”.

  14. You met his wife? Let’s ignore that for a moment. If you’ve only seen him once in the past month, he’s not that into you. Plus. A 38 year old man communicates by TikTok? Expect and demand better next time. He’s not the one.

  15. The bottom line is your mom deserves to know since this was an agreement they had in order to keep the relationship going. The agreement is more or less the foundation to keep their relationship together, whether that was a wise choice or not. You could maybe give your father a chance to confess with you present so he can't spin the story, or tell him you will do it yourself. You're an adult now and if you keep secrets in your mom will feel betrayed by you as well.

  16. Don't let his actions become your baggage. She feels a sense of entitlement and ownership of your boyfriend- no boundaries and he lied. Nothing to see here, walk away from impending heartache before you become a casualty. I'm sorry op.

  17. Op your young friends aside- the bigger red flag is your gf trying to dictate who you can and can’t hang out with. I hang out with my soon to BIL all the time he’s a great guy and he’s 6 years my junior. My little brother has cool friends and I’ve hung with them 5 years my junior… the issue is the trying to control who you hang with and THAT would be a deal breaker for me. I would break up and move back home .. that type of behavior doesn’t go away and will only get worse.

    Ppl will downvote me but your not wrong- the reactions are definitely due to you being male and her female.

    25 is very young and as long as your not crossing sexual/romantic boundaries I don’t see an issue with a platonic friendship.

  18. u/throwRA_Season271,

    Note: every country has this service. Give them what they need and they will catch this predator. Countries work together to stop this kind of stuff through things like Interpol. Just because he’s in another country doesn’t mean he won’t be shut down.

    Search “report human trafficking (your country)” and call and ask what you should do.

  19. she has shitty values, clearly she values more the material stuff that your relationship. I’d move on and block her everywhere, you deserve better

  20. My daughter has abandoned and disown me when she found out her dad has other family and her name was the same as her father other daughter. She also accused me of favoring her brother.

    Edit: I’m not getting proper advice here so I will stop replying. Maybe I will get a proper advice elsewhere. Thank you.

    My Daughter(31F) left our country and married a wealthy man (36M). She move to another county in North America and has cut all contact with me (56F). She still talks to her brother sometimes but she communicates mostly with my sister and my mom. When her dad died, she was living with her aunt while I worked abroad. I visited my kids every two years.

    My daughter has a lot of complaints and doesn’t appreciate my sacrifices. She told me how she hated her name because she was name after her stepsister. My husband have two children from his first marriage. When we met, he was getting a divorce but legally they were still married. We got pregnant and I didn’t want his family to find out yet so we gave my daughter and her brother the same name as her stepsister and stepbrother. She hated her name when she found out. She said I only gave her the name because we were hiding my relationship with my late husband. Her dad was married when we were together, he has two kids, Sarah and Jacob. We name my two kids Sarah and Jacob, my daughter and my son is also Sarah and Jacob. My daughter thinks her name was to hide infidelity and she hated it. That was not the sole reason. I just thought someday it might make them close as siblings. Her brother on the other hand, was ok with it. He’s the quiet type of kid and has always follow adult instructions. My daughter is exact opposite. She always questions anything we ask or told her to do.

    When she was 6, her dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. His health was failing and he can’t work due to his illness. I left the country and work abroad to provide the best life I can give them. She is blaming me that she had to take care of her sick father at 6 until he passed away when she was 10. There was nothing we could do at that point in our life. But she can’t understand that. She has always been hard headed and opinionated unlike her brother. She’s a bit of rebel. Everyone was expecting that she’s would fail in life and maybe be pregnant by some teenage boy since she never comes home and she’s always in trouble in school. Surprisingly, she gets good grades.

    By 17 when she graduated high school, I told her that we have to put her brother to college and that we can’t afford school for her anymore. She was angry, she thinks that she gets good grades while her brother needed a tutor. She believe she has better chance of finishing college. I disagreed at that time. She was upset and ran away. She to a city and on-line with her friend. She manage put herself through college. We remain in contact once year until she married her husband. She blocked me on all sm and refuse to take my Call. I tried to reach her husband but he is also declining my call. Her aunt told me that she told her she does not have a mother . She was also mad that her brother didn’t finish college. She said it was a waste. It’s not her money so I don’t know why she was mad about that. She sometimes sends money but most of the time she sends it to her aunt. It upsets me that she sees her aunt as mother. I made sacrifices and she wouldn’t be where she’s at without me. I hope there is a way for me to communicate with her to make her understand my sacrifices specially now that she has a daughter of her own..

    Edit: I believe that putting her brother to college instead of her motivated my daughter to do well in life. She has achieve her dreams. I don’t believe she would have if I financially supported her at that time since she was a really bad teenager when she was young.

    Edit: just want to clarify. In our culture, it’s expected for a son to finish college. We expected our daughter to marry well as their husband will take care of them. My daughter has always been too liberated and does not want to conform to cultural norm. She married an American and became more Americanized. She has stopped helping me financially since marrying her husband whom I believe was the reason she stopped talking to me. I wish I can turn back the time and had put her to school instead.

    TD;LR daughter has cut of all contact and refuse to talk to me

    OP’s first post for some more context of the situation.

  21. Sorry you are going through this. At least you had the good sense to try to fix this and when she wouldn't meet you halfway, you ripped the band aid off, you cant fix someone who is broken, well done for being emotionally mature enough to make nude decision. Good luck

  22. Seriously you didn’t feel soreness? How can you blame someone about rape over a false memory you are inventing otherwise. Be very careful how you state this to people, the law will not protect you if caught lying.

  23. But I feel like a true friend would've talked to her about it. Like, “being a bridesmaid means having your photo taken a lot. Is that something you're okay with?” etc. before ruling her out entirely

  24. Fuck! Yes!

    I'm sorry it went down just for the major drain… But what a fucking bullet dodged under (comparably) minor challenge!!

    Also, the self care angle is AMAZING to garner so quick. Yes, focus on you 100%

    If more people understood and PROPERLY focused on themselves, they wouldn't have time to worry about the little bullshit in everyone else's lives – but that's quite a loosely tangential topic

  25. . When he met me he didn’t even know I was twenty one nor did he specifically go after me for my age/being young. We met in a regular way at a bar.

    Most 30+ year olds would have simply moved on once they knew your age. At 21, you're still growing up, and are in a very different life stage normally, have a different timeline, there's a maturity and life experience gap. So yeah.

  26. Did she discuss this with you or just tell you? A marriage involves two people, and it's not fair to either of you for one person to decide to up and leave for an undisclosed amount of time. A two week vacation could be fine, so long you're in agreement with it. Things change when you become a parent. You can't just vanish because you're unsatisfied with your life. I would sit down and have a very honest discussion about this.

  27. All of those videos and posts are definitely directed at you – a passive aggressive way of shaming you into spending more and doing more for her. I’d bounce and let her realize just how much you did for her when you’re not doing it any longer.

  28. The amount of posts I see on here where one partner is completely losing it over something that’s happened in the past, outside of their relationship and has nothing to do with them – is honestly mind blowing.

    You are right to feel lost becayse this is completely nonsensical.

    I mean I hate saying just leave but honestly your partner is being ridiculous and not even leaving any room to discuss this so how are you even meant to reach a resolution.

    You’re 29, you’ve still got ages being in your “prime” to find a new partner who won’t get angry at you for being raped.

  29. Its a bid mad how you're simultaneously talking about how “solid” your relationship is whilst talking about a guy whose cheated on you multiple times, won't lift a hand to help you and who retracts his words/promises on a regular basis.

    What planet are you living on?

  30. She honestly sounds incredibly depressed and in need of personal therapy in addition to any sort of marriage counseling you want. But if she’s been unwilling to pursue anything that would help her in regards to sex, it sounds like she’d be unwilling to go through the work of therapy.

    That said, sex doesn’t sound like nearly as big of an issue as her being just so checked out and expecting you to do everything. That’s not fair.

    Basically if she won’t make any effort whatsoever in any area, you should just leave.

  31. In my post, I realize that there’s no way he doesn’t realize that Sarah actually likes him, what kind of actual genuine friend, when they’re told that their friend is going to spend their partners birthday with them says “ oh, it’s a very boyfriend thing to do” instead of “okay I’m happy for you” ????

  32. Let me reinforce something here: she is labeling your reasonable boundaries as “toxic”. She’s gaslighting you. She is not relationship material.

  33. If someone told me their plan to explain condom suspicions by saying they were giving away condoms with lessons on how to put them on to middle aged women, I would think you’re insane

  34. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    So last weekend my girlfriend and some friends and I went to the football game and then went out afterwards, she begged me to go out with her as I wanted to go home and was pretty tired. We proceeded to line up at this bar and all the girls got let in but my male friend and I didn’t. I said to her are you going to leave me out here and she said only for a minute as one of her good friends was working. 40 minutes later she calls me and asked where I was (I was still standing outside waiting for her) she came out and when I said where we were going she didn’t want to come so she stayed where she was and my friends and I left. I called her a few hours later maybe 3-4am to her in an Uber with her friend and two random guys (40-50M) which she lied about saying that they were her friends friends, she said we’re she was going and told me to meet her there. I got there probably an hour after she did and I walked in to the bar and there she was standing with two guys (35M) either side of her, they were laughing and she was being flirty and yes I get it there’s a difference between flirting and being polite and this was definitely more than being polite. Just need advice because she’s saying I’m toxic for not wanted her to go out with her friends after this incident. Am I being toxic or is my point valid?

  35. She needs to be in therapy. Your college/university probably has a free counseling service for students. She should take advantage of that NOW because it's going to be very expensive once she graduates. You can offer to go with her the first time if it would help motivate her. You can offer to make the appointment for her. But she needs to see a therapist more than she needs a boyfriend right now. Best of luck to both of you.


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