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  1. You’re fine, not sounding like that at all. I mean I feel like I try to participate like give him a break so to say, like going down on him occasionally or riding. But I guess I do just lay the because after thinking about your question he did tell me that I just lay there and let him do all the work.

  2. My dear, sounds like you finally did the right thing. That’s why it feels weird, because you didn’t cave like you have in the past. Now stick to your word. You’ll be better for it. You are not responsible for his mental health, he is.

  3. So give her full control of her life and file for divorce. She is 100% having an emotional affair and resents you.

  4. Fuck him & him trying to get you to make up. Flirt away with whoever you want to. You’re a grown ass woman who doesn’t owe anyone anything at all.

  5. You may want to consider blocking her number and then deleting it from your contacts.

    It’s possible that she was done with the relationship for quite a while but it took her some time to make the decision to break up with you. So, she thought about it a lot and decided that breaking up would be a better course of action. I don’t think she want’s to get back together.

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  7. This is painful. I think you need a set cut-off point after which you will no longer entertain visions of a future with him. He does sound traumatized by his parents' divorce, but promising to get therapy and then ditching it is not very reassuring.

    You don't have to be in a big hurry about this, you're still fairly young, but as we all know, it can take time to find another suitable partner. Let me congratulate you on your substantial life achievements till now and wish you every happiness in the future.

  8. Condoms are also used to prevent STIs so she could have started off wanting to use condoms for that reason of “safe sex” hey aren't just to prevent pregnancy

  9. Some people will tell you I’m the biggest AH they’ve ever dealt with. Some will tell you I’m the most kind hearted and generous person they’ve ever met. You can believe them both.

    I think you can discount these friends and their misandry. Reverse the genders and see how this holds up. It honestly sounds a bit like jealousy talking – “sleazy” typically means they’ll sleep with others but not you. A single man or woman playing the field is totally normal.

  10. Yeah I know, but it was a really bad rupture, I have now some metal things attached to my bones. I left the hospital on 12, only after a week I managed to move on my own. And they have no airport in their city, the only option was to drive 6 hours to another city, and buy some expensive Christmas tickets with 2 stops. Her parents said that I can stay as long as needed, but I didn't know that it will take such a tool on her.

  11. Her saying she 'doesn't like it' isn't really relevant because she jumps down your throat and attacks you for it. She's making it very clear that not only does she not want you to do it, but that you can't do it.

    If she doesn't do anything worthy of serious criticism, she shouldn't be worried about her image being tainted. The fact she's like this AND doesn't want you to discuss your relationship with your friends is seriously toxic.

  12. It's been a few decades, but when I got married, it was the Bride who was expected to buy thank-you gifts for the bridal party – Not the other way around!

    Granted, it's been a few decades… Has protocol changed that much, or are greedy Bridezillas now the norm?

  13. I understand you want your ability to tell them to their face…. But will it be worth it when they honestly don’t care? These people are so far down their sex addiction they let you go. Nothing will change. They won’t start crying for your forgiveness. And if they do it’s momentary. They don’t deserve ANYTHING you give them, good or bad, bc they lost all of you when they did what they did. Even the bad… bc when you give bad you expect some sort of reaction that helps you with closure or gives a bit of relief. This won’t give you that. They’re too far up someone else’s ass to give you what you need. Accept that they’re sick bastards and on-line the life you would want with the family you have. If THEY make the effort one day… that will be on you. They’re expecting it from you. What child wouldn’t want to be able to hammer theyre POS parents? Nah Fuck them. Hold your head high, live! your best life, make a family that means something that you want it to be.

  14. This sounds like one of those texts that is composed by a group of smirking 14 year olds at a sleepover who are trying to stir drama for a bit of entertainment.

    The most hilarious thing you could do would be to reply “oh, that's awesome! Have a fabulous time xx”. They'll implode.

  15. Sounds like she’s still very much in the middle of the breakup. You are not her priority and should probably move on.

  16. Sounds like an extremely unhealthy dynamic and a bit controlling on her side. You two are very young and it sounds like she’s not mature enough to be in a committed relationship. If there are no signs of her changing, I would leave and co-parent. People think that a kid needs two parents in the home, but having happy parents makes the difference. Have you tried therapy?

  17. Why lie to her in the first place?

    Did you think she would never find out?

    It took over a year and she only knew because she found it out, have you of told her earlier that you reconnected her reaction might’ve been different.

    You’ve lost her trust, good luck getting it back.

  18. His reaction to you asking alone was coked out. Total liar and anyone who helped him hide this is also an asshole. He'll continue to do this so decide if that's what you want

  19. It removes the filter, it doesn't make the random shit you would otherwise not impulsively say guaranteed to be true.

  20. You don’t think he uttered the same drivel to u that he has uttered to others before? You are on a chain gang and prolly in the middle hun.

  21. You could burn her house down and kill her children and pets. She broke up with you it is over. I’m sorry hopefully you can both learn. No don’t pester her or guilt or manipulate her.

  22. People! Are your irony detectors not on? This girl is coming to this sub to get advice about a situation that involves verbal abuse and what is everybody's first instinct? To verbally abuse her! The irony here is insane!

  23. This is NOT how offices work. It’s absurd and inappropriate to think that two people cannot have a meeting without another person present. There are plenty of reasons to have a meeting behind closed doors with the opposite sex without another female/male present. My job requires dealing with confidential and privileged financial/business information. I close my door frequently and without hesitation to discuss confidential things with my boss, who happens to be male. If someone suggested I wasn’t allowed to do my job on a daily basis without having another woman present I’d be fuming. Just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I’m trying to screw anyone’s guy. I’m doing my damn job. This is what’s wrong with the world. Not the other way around.

  24. You're not being fair to him. You gave him an ultimatum. If you don't want to be married to him anymore, get a divorce. This is just cruel. My advice is to get a divorce, for the both of you.

  25. And in that same comment, during that same conversation, she says that he is “starting to realize some behaviors aren’t normal.”

  26. Without much context it sounds like she’s exhausted. Constantly moderating your tone to be feminine and sweet when you’re frustrated and tired of looking after kids is exhausting. Constantly thinking about how you look and how you clothes fit and if you put on perfume is exhausting. Constantly wondering if your partner is fed up with you because you’re not wearing perfume is exhausting.

  27. If marriage is what you want, break up with him. He doesn't believe in marrying you. Find someone who does.

  28. You need to set a boundary and enforce the consequences for violating said boundary, which is walking away.

  29. This is a bit more nuanced than most of the advice you’re getting makes it sound, but the point does stand that this is an ultimatum where you’re going to have to decide whether or not his strict religious beliefs are going to be too much for you or not. He’s been honest with you, he isn’t able to respect your beliefs. That doesn’t automatically mean he’s forcing his upon you, that’s a misconception people have about religious people. You see, when someone is truly religious, at least in a Judeo Christian sense, they don’t believe their beliefs are just a “belief system”, they genuinely believe with all of their mind that these are commandments directly from God that people are supposed to on-line by. While they do have to respect your right as a human to have your own beliefs, they’re under no obligation to hold any reverence for your beliefs, as according to them yours are man made and theirs are divine. Equally, you have no obligation to stay in a relationship with someone who feels that way, unless that’s what you want. So it sounds like he’s been honest about what his life is going to be based around, now it’s your turn to decide.


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