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  1. My best advice is to end the relationship, OP. Even if you two didn't have an entire teenager between you in age, I'd be telling you the same thing. Open relationships are not for everyone and nobody should try to force someone who does or doesn't want to be in one any which way. However, looking at the ages, I am not surprised your 20-year-old girlfriend does not want to date only you. You two have so many reasons you should break up all you need to do is pick one.

  2. There are 2 ways to interpretvhis text. He thinks you lied to him or he lied to you. Either way, he's not mature enough to discuss it. If he thinks you lied, he's someone who refers to himself as a “good one”. Yuck.

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  4. Yes. It's probably over. But your best chance of there being any future with her is to happily give her the space that she wants, and to focus on being independent – and generally social with others.

  5. Thank you, it’s definitely taken a toll on him and I feel selfish for not canceling the first time he mentioned it. I can’t even imagine how he is feeling.

  6. Yea a ticket to a greencard probably as well Someone that's here on a visa and wanting to move quickly would want me to put on the brakes for sure because it'd want to be sure she's with me for the right reasons. And planning on living together while you barely know someone would eb a bit of a red flag as well. Doesn't necessarily means she has the wrong intentions but it would make me be more cautious for sure


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