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11 thoughts on “♡Mila♡ the hot online sex chat with hottest babes with a LIVE Cams

  1. Nahh i just live in a hostel where i am surrounded with my frnds 24 hours n don't like that he want me cut off from everyone but how can i do that in a hostel life…

  2. She didn’t feel bad for him she felt bad because she got caught. No way in hell I’d ever trust let alone date someone like this.

  3. You may need to make a lateral move. And yes, you should consider doing something to bring in cash, think of it as a side hustle if you prefer.

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  4. The problem isn’t about him looking a certain way, but how you look at the situation. Bodies change as we get older. Will you expect him to have surgery when he gets wrinkled and droopy? Is him no longer being buff the issue, or no longer being as active? Is it a lifestyle change or a change in appearance that bothers you more? If it’s all about looks…then yeah, incredibly shallow.

  5. Sounds like she built up your sex life and romanced it to something In her head likely far passed reality and obviously it’s failed to meet it.

    Saving your self for sex till marriage is a commitment even more so if your partner has experience they know what they are or or not missing out on and what they do or do not like.

  6. She posted a picture of her kid on IG they probably fallow each other and he saw it. Soooooo I’m thinking was she like I’ll post this pic of my kid and if my boyfriend asks……….oh yeah that’s just my kid. Unmmm okayyyyyy.

  7. It appears to me that he actually doesn't want kids. I think you will need a lawyer about the embryos.


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