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10 thoughts on “♡Mila♡ the hard live sex chat with hottest babes with a LIVE Cams

  1. This is not “might”, this is “will”. He’s using her for fun knowing full well it’s never going to go anywhere. If they were FWB it would be different.

  2. I think what people are trying to convey most of all is that you really don’t know someone after only a month of chatting, so your assertion that he’s “not like that” is reading as deflective/naive. I was recently blindsided by someone I’ve known for 15 years. Anything is possible.

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  4. Physically hurting you is a good enough reason to leave any relationship, at any stage.

    I'm sorry you're going through this OP, hope you are getting lots of support from your family and friends.

    Hopefully this will also be a wakeup call for her that she needs more help with this. Expecting her partner to just anticipate/accept how she feels moment to moment is not an appropriate coping strategy and nor is physical abuse.

  5. This was my thought. Sit them both down and acknowledge that you want a good relationship between the three of you. You would like to co-parent… but you wont if there are secrets kept between the two of them concerning you ( OP) or the children.

  6. Kick out bro. No two ways about it. This is about you. Your safety. Your home. I really hate all the people who don't want to make waves or hurt people when they are only standing up for themselves.

    What if you bf does not believe you? Bad bf. How is this relationship going to continue unless bf bans brother from contact with you?

    It could also be that your knows things about his brother and would not be surprised by this behavior.

  7. Dating somebody even a day before they turn 18 doesn't make you a pedophile. Stop using words like they have no weight.

  8. Communication?! You want OP to communicate?! Don't be bringing that type of positivity to Reddit. We either demand they break up or drag the OP for miles.


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