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8 thoughts on “♡ AYLA ♡ the hot live sex chat with hottest babes with a LIVE Cams

  1. Personally, I'd be finished with her. If you're content to be sharing her, you should sit down with her and work out the ground rules. Whatever you need to preserve your sanity, health, self-respect, property and future earnings.

  2. That’s what I think too if I do end up leaving. And ok I can’t do that I don’t want police involve it won’t do anything but I know for sure he would kill me if he does that. He also has family in law enforcement here. Also my family stopped contacting me and can’t move back with them because of what happened between a fight my bf and I had. I lost…a friend or two but that’s my fault they couldn’t stand that I was with my bf and I understand that. Just how this friend Nick is feeling. If I don’t make a decision by x amount of time he says he won’t standby and watch and wait for me to die….

  3. Because it's code for 'you're being unfriendly or rude and I'm assuming it's your problem, not something I did'.

  4. It's very unlikely that this is him trying to get her attention. Also, I very much doubt she is the only woman whose photos he is liking. You're not going to be able to address this without him thinking you're being controlling on some level, because any guy will tell you that it means nothing when they “like” photos of random sexy people on the internet.

  5. Genuinely? I don't really know. Maybe ideas of ways to handle extremely bad insomnia & sleep paralysis and things? Suggestions on how exactly to talk to him about a thing he can't help but is actually quite harmful to my needs, maybe?

    Like, I'm not angry about it, I don't even blame him for not being able to manage his sleep disorder. I was just really hurting and upset and I've already been up for 25 hours (my own insomnia).


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