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  1. It really sucks when family sticks you between a rock and a hot place. Here’s the only question you need to answer: where will you feel the most welcome and happiest? Don’t entertain and manipulating conversations from anyone. You need to on-line your life in the manner that suits you and inform everyone that your standing up for what you feel is right. Oh and tell your father the whole truth and reasons for the nonsense as he may be more understanding than you believe.

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  3. Do what is best for you, its your life, you love your boyfriend he has a family that cares for you.

    What does your mother think about all this? Could it be a case that if you married your mother could bring your father on side in the future?

    (If it was me I'd marry and disown my family)

  4. Well your engagement and relationship with that woman is officially over. Say hello to your new life, more than likely being a single father and co-parenting with your affair partner for the rest of your life.

    You deserve all of this because you did it to yourself. Newsflash, neither you or your fiancé are ready for marriage if she cheated on you then you “retaliate” by cheating on her.

    You both need to grow up and this relationship ending is probably the best thing for you both. Maybe this kid will help you grow up, who knows.

  5. Idk he thinks it will give us you know strength and motivation to maintain our relationship and work out this long distance but he wants us to get through without any of that.


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