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  1. You said that it can be up to 3 days between when you have sex, so yes, that’s not enough for him, you stated that is how he is thinking? I don’t understand how you don’t get that. I never said that you reject each other, I said that the sex can be good and everything, but ultimately the frequency is a huge part of the incompatibility. You don’t have to change it if you don’t want to, but you not acknowledging that it is an issue for him, it literally part of your problem.

  2. From comments I read it sound like he just has a low sex drive and maybe insecure about it. My spouse and I were like rabbits and his depression makes his sex drive dive. And I mean weeks. I wasn't the most understanding about it, I took it personal. Eventually we got to a place of understanding. If he is willing to be this rigid, there isn't anything to save. You guys need to talk and really talk. No waterworks from you, control yourself, you both can have your feelings but feelings have no place in frank conversation.

  3. He never talks about her for a reason.

    Turned out it was a bad reason. OP may sound meddlesome in her post, but I'll be damned if she didn't make the right decision to not let it go.

  4. Yeah right. The early 30's female can GUARANTEE me, that the sole reason men desire virgins is…

    This was an odd choice of rhetoric, what was the reason for bringing up the commenter's demographic? It reads like we're supposed to see this as a reason to dismiss her points, but why would it matter so much that she's an early 30s female making them that that's what you led with?

  5. She lied as a prank to get you out of the house…

    I'd bounce too. You're either too immature or shady to stick around and put more effort into. Nothing you're saying makes sense or adds up. You and the girl friend should be happy spending your time together.

  6. I‘m definitely not ready to date yet. I got into a rebound relationship 2 months after the breakup, which I didn‘t realize at the time and totally shattered my rebound‘s heart in the process. I definitely should not be dating.


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