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  1. You presented your situation as her anger behavior is not an isolated incident but a repeated one.

    If she knows what she did was/is unhealthy then the next step to address it so she won't repeat this physical violence and keep from unhealthy expressions of anger.

  2. Most likely, he cheated or got a crush on someone in this new place. It has NOTHING to do with you and it doesn't reflect on you. You are 27; you'll get over him and find someone better.

    I gave him 2 weeks hoping he’d change his mind

    Don't do this to yourself! You cannot forgive THIS.

    Cancel the wedding but only tell YOUR guests. Let him deal with the fall out and work for his side of the guests.

    Don't waste time trying to rationalize this. It has NOTHING to do with you or what you did. He is just an asshole.

  3. Also a hypocrite, her friends can't say anything about her relationship that's interfering, but he can vent to his and they can speak about his and it's not.

  4. If it makes u feel any better me and my boyfriend haven't had sex in 3 years lol. And we are only mid 30s


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