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, 25 y.o.

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7 thoughts on “the naked live sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. It is ok to have this boundary. You should tell him, tell him what you saw, and say you are not ok with it. Hopefully he respects it. Be honest with him, tell him how it makes you feel.

    I will say, you can't keep comparing yourself to these girls. He does not find them “more attractive,” and attractiveness is about so much more than bodies.

    It is very possible to be a 10/10 conventionally attractive and skinny and still have body image issues. Not saying you necessarily do. His behavior is also contributing to making you feel bad about yourself.

    Like I said, be honest, tell him how it hurts you.

  2. The base smell has always been roughly the same as far as I can remember. We both probably should go to a doctor, I don't think either of us have gone in like a decade.

  3. And also he said “if YOU need therapy/meds it's because you're a failure, not strong enough, not sane enough, just not enough”.

  4. Now he thinks i have no loyalty to him if i cant believe him and wants to break up.

    What's stopping you???? Why are you even with him???? You should break up with him.


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