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  1. This time, it actually wasn't intentional. It was just really really shitty planning and not really being committed. And I agree that she lied to hurt my relationship with my kid. But if I put my foot down, then she'll bring the entire family down on me and my kids will likely lose all of their cousins in the process. It's super a manipulative and toxic situation. I already got a lecture from my BIL because I dared raise my voice at her.

  2. I’m a big believer that little things make a big difference. If you went all out and opened every single door for her when you were dating and then stopped unless it’s date night, she’ll pick up on that and think she did something wrong. Either do it every time or not at all. I don’t know what it is you’re looking for here. Find something else that requires even less effort, I guess

  3. 2.5 years? So she started dating 6 months after y'all broke up. And it's already time for the wedding invites? Honey don't go. The math ain't mathin'.

  4. There is a reason a 29 year old man need to seduce an 18 year old and take her down a peg – he’s a predator

  5. So apologies my meaning to “I’m not a jealous person” prior to this relationship to where things that have happened has made me a jealous person in this relationship. And it’s not to all things it’s to certain things that seem “off” to me

  6. Find out why you’re having them. Fix that problem. Remove yourself from media about these people. It’s much more disgusting than you realize.

  7. Anybody who doesn't respect a reasonable boundary isn't worth the time. Relationships are about compromise & to me- the compromise here would be to either bring you with or he's only able to go without this other female being there.

    The fact he immediately accepted this trip invitation, without even considering- not just your personal boundary, but a boundary in your guys' relationship…. And when YOU asked him what he is going to do and his response is he has to “think about it”… really says a lot about how he sees you & how he doesn't respect your guys' relationship- or at least, how he is NOT taking it seriously.

    A relationship that is successful was built from logic, trust, respect and compromise… He already begged to bend a very reasonable boundary to begin with (by continuing a friendship w/an old fwb's). By wanting to push that already unsteady exception- with FULL UNDERSTANDING that it was something that would hurt your feelings or compromise your guys' relationship… I can tell you he has no intention on respecting it- ever.

    My advice would be to disconnect from this guy- and let him go act single and selfish until he is ready to take others' emotions into consideration. … If he accepts to break up and go on this trip- DO NOT GET BACK WITH HIM. Don't talk to him ever again. Because he will take advantage of the “break” & sleep w/this girl and have EVEN LESS guilt cause ya'll were “broken up” and then come crawling back & beg to back together with you. He'll do that cause he already was able to manipulate you and if you accept him back he will know you are easy to manipulate and this process will repeat time and time again.

    You gotta be strong FOR YOU! You don't deserve to be treated like that and you should be with someone who wouldn't even consider making you unhappy. You deserve to be someone's entire world. YOU deserve someone who has the same mentality & thought process/consideration.

    This guy ain't it. BUT the good news is that person DOES exist, and they're out there! Life is too damn short to be tied up in that abusive BS. Focus on you, have fun, live! a happy life- you only get one ❤️

  8. DUMP HIM BABY GIRL life is too short to be putting up with this shit, this man is 30 YEARS OLD he is a fully grown adult you are not going to change his stance on this or anything else, and why even bother when there are so many men out there who wouldn't even put you in a position where you have to ask them to unfollow certain people on social media because they aren't following these types of people. Sometimes in life it is best to end things rather than force compatibility where there is none. Why waste time trying to convince someone to agree to a very simple and bare minimum (in my opinion) boundary when you could simply end the relationship and find someone who actually respects you? you deserve better sis just need to cut off this uncle and find it 🙂

  9. I would end it. Him not inviting you but being so willing to go knowing that she’s going and there are other singles there – it’s too much. If the roles were reversed, would he be alright with it ?

  10. congrats on recognizing narcisstic abuse and leaving while u can. lovebomb stage is over. you are in the devalue stage. gtfo.

  11. That's absolutely frivolous. You can have a beautiful ceremony for under 5k, with a limited guest list and a decent meal and reception. Do not let her do this shit when you're both so far in debt right now. Keep things simple. Marriage is not about the wedding and honestly, EVERY couple I know who spent exorbitant amounts on their wedding has divorced within 3 years. No joke.

  12. I don't see the point of breaks. Gives them opportunity to fuck other people or date others. If ny partner asked for a break I'd just break up. Time apart, sure, but a pause in our relationship? Partners are meant to be there for each other, even through very hot times. Communicate. No “we need a break” bullshit. Be committed to the relationship. Don't cone back once it's good for you. Relationships go through good and bad times, deal with it.

    They're not beneficial. People who do breaks have uneasy relationships and they're not stable

  13. I would even add that some people count on other not speaking up because they know it's very hot for people to say no. It takes a lot of skill to learn to say no, be it at work or in your personal life.

    I've heard so many stories of people being scammed at gas stations because someone asked them for money and they didn't know how to say no or feel bad about saying no.

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  15. Doesn't add up. If it's a celebrity and not like a close personal relationship, why does it matter to her? Why hold the grudge? If she actually does feel a close personal relationship, then you are correct, and it is a parasocial relationship. She's backed herself into a corner here. If you love her and want to find a way out of it it's probably not going to be proving that you are right to her (even though you are). She likely just needs to feel heard and understood. Then maybe when things are cooler you can establish your boundaries to her.

  16. She seems crazy man. Part of me says stand your ground but the other part says bite the bullet. If you really love this girl, just apologize (you don’t have to mean it). I can tell you first hand that if the mother doesn’t like you, she will slowly chip away at your relationship.

    My ex’s mom kept calling her gabby after the Petito murder. (Just fucked up). She knew I was a British citizen and said she hoped I got deported. I don’t know where all this came from but it took her from me slowly. And it hurt.

    Sorry I’m not much help. Good luck!

  17. Ummm He deleted the conversation while you were reading them. Oh Hell No !! This is not okay and hell no after doing that there is NO Way he would be going to lunch with her if he wanted to stay married to me. Nothing to hide then let me read the messages. Omg you couldn’t have a bigger Red flag ?!!

  18. “No it doesn’t” lol what. So he’s gaslighting you and telling you that what you’re feeling isn’t real and what he didn’t didn’t have an affect on you. Yikes. Get out of there.

  19. I think the second part of your response is key. If she knows she will lose your respect for going to the club that will definitely have an influence in her decision making. And therefore you cannot assume she does not want to go to the club. It is very possible that she wants to go but you are preventing her.

    Furthermore, I don’t think that avoiding partying is as important as you think it is. You’re very young

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  22. OP, you absolutely need solo therapy. First and foremost to work through your unresolved trauma growing up without a loving father. It seems like you are making some questionable serious life decisions based solely on your past trauma. Second, choosing to leave him does not mean that history will repeat itself. You can write your own story now. And staying with someone not out of love, but out of a misplaced sense of obligation to your unborn child is absolutely something you should unpack with a professional.

  23. So he creates a safety risk for you against your will and isn't willing to adjust even slightly to make you feel safer? Excuse me? Please use child language to explain to me how and where this man is worth it.

  24. I am going to assume that she is being sincere about her being suicidal. I don’t know if she truly is or if she is claiming to be as a result of her being abusive and manipulative – but it sounds like you believe there is a very real possibility that she may be having suicidal thoughts, so I’m basing my reply on that.

    First of all, you are not her therapist or a part of her medical care team. Yes, your support likely has made and continues to make an incredible difference in your loved ones’ lives – but you are absolutely not responsible for their mental health. You are not educated, trained, or adequately equipped to properly care for a suicidal individual. It is dangerous for both of you to believe that simply staying together would somehow heal her of her suicidal ideations. If anything, staying together solely for that will just discourage her from seeking out professional treatment – because as she becomes more and more reliant on your relationship as her single source of comfort, she will become more and more convinced that she doesn’t need anything help.

    It’s always sad when a long-term relationship comes to an end, even if it is an amicable split with no wrongdoing or animosity on either side. Falling out of love can be devastating. Leaving her will be painful – for both of you. That is the reality. She may struggle with her mental health after you leave, but that is neither your fault nor your responsibility to prevent. But leaving this relationship will create much-needed space in both of your lives – you will be giving her the space to care for herself and prioritize her mental health.

  25. My wife (then girlfriend) and I walked in this seedy part of a major city where there’s a lot of drug addicted and mentally ill homeless as well … during the day. We walked for only like 5 blocks, but she endured untoward comments the entire way AND multiple men tried to grab her. All this despite my arm around her shoulder as we’re literally speed walking for our lives to the main boulevard.

    We never did that walk again because she was terrified and humiliated.

    Find someone who actually cares about your safety and how you feel and respects what you want.

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  27. Regardless of you giving your rights away, you will be required to pay child support. That's an arrangement that shouldn't never have happen.

  28. It's a fair question to ask and hopefully she answers honestly.

    There's a difference between being hung up on an ex and hung up on the actions of an ex (which may explains the rants and bringing him up… ie: to get it out of her system.)

  29. You can care a lot for someone without being in love with them. It is really very hot to break up with someone you care for because you feel like a terrible person for hurting them. Just like you wouldn’t want to make your friend sad.

    It’s absolutely not your responsibility to help her with that tho.

    To make it easier for both of you cut contact while you focus on healing.

  30. The lady gets into a wreck, almost dies and you’re mad at your husband for caring about her? If she weren’t babysitting for you, she wouldn’t have been in that position to begin with.

    If I’m wrong, fine, but… what the fuck. Learn some empathy. I hope the babysitter will be okay.

  31. Thank you! It’s been two weeks since he ended things to continue dating the other girl but I can’t help and be jealous because while he did take me out, eventually it stopped. And now he’s continuing to go on dates with her. But he used me and worse.

    I am in therapy but man, it’s very hot to know that someone who was nice, cute, had a good job, etc was such a butthead. He was too good to be true.

    Am I delusional? ??

  32. Ultimately it’s not about you, it’s about the kid. Whether you want them or not they exist and are more important now.

  33. You should dump her and move on asap. It's bad enough she did what she did, but then she pulled out all the stop. Crying. Blaming you for over reacting. No accountability. Then extreme apologies.

    She knew all along what she was doing. Don't let her manipulate you again. Use this as your exit on to bigger and better things.

  34. I haven’t avoided it. I always mention it and it gets batted off. My friends engagement appears to be the last straw

  35. You're probably going to have to tell this guy that if he accuses you of cheating ever again you're going to break up with him. Not all people have the confidence in their relationships to do LDRs. But maybe knowing that baseless crap like that will cause a breakup will inspire him to keep his insecurities too himself. But if he doesn't stop you need to make good on that threat and dump him.

  36. Lots of things that “actually happened” in history would be a dealbreaker for me if my partner spent hours live! role playing them for entertainment. “It happened in real life!” is not an explanation for why you enjoy reenacting it in your recreational time. It’s honestly fascinating to me that so few of y’all can understand this concept. The wife is not upset because she’s sooooo stupid she doesn’t even know there were child brides in medieval times. She’s upset because she didn’t know her husband plays games role playing child marriage, in present time.

  37. You’re 18 now. You had your first at 16. It took a long time to conceive the first time, meaning you were actively trying to get pregnant as a young teenager. And now your exploiting your child as a source of income.

    ….please be a troll. Please.

    If you aren’t, please seek therapy. Having more children isn’t the solution.

  38. According to data from 2017-2018 there were 130,930 K-12 schools in the US. How many Mexican children were you talking about?

  39. Yeah it needs to happen soon. Im just pissed it’s gotten to this point haha….maybe it’s a sign we’re not right for each other which sucks cuz we have the most natural connection I’ve ever felt.

  40. Have you mentioned her to your wife ever, at all? Why did she only meet your new friend by accident at the store? If she knew of this friend before and is only enforcing a boundary after seeing the two of you interact, perhaps some serious honestly and reflection is needed… on your part.

  41. is there are would you just not say anything to them

    You can talk to people and be friendly without being friends. Once it gets to the friend stage, your wife shouldn't be meeting them in a chance encounter at the grocery store. Ideally, she'd already be friends with them herself. At minimum, she should have at least met the them.

  42. You're making a lot of generalisations with your comments assuming everyone thinks people with autism are like “Rain Man”. I don't think I know anyone who's immediate thought is Rain Man when autism is brought up.

    There's autism, then there's being invalidating and inconsiderate, and not taking responsibility for that.

  43. Turn off the mute and see how many times it goes off while you are together then have the discussion.

    sticking your head in the sand is not going to solve the problem.

  44. national womans day

    It's international actually. Here where I on-line in Southern Italy it is actually kind of expected from a partner to celebrate it with the gift of a mimosa as we do here, and a lot of people would've sided with her

  45. There are therapists who specialize in executive function and might be able to help him figure out his procrastination, or perfectionism, or whatever else turns a 4-hour assignment into a 12-hour someone-misunderstood-the-assignment.

  46. It doesn’t matter if he apologizes or not.

    Reread what you posted. Why are you with someone that screams at you, uses degrading names, threatens you, manipulates you by threatening himself, puts your life at risk? He is abusing you.

    You need to start taking care of yourself again. You can’t keep letting this happen. You’re not responsible for his horrible actions but you DO need to leave and you CAN. Call a domestic abuse hotline in your area and get yourself out.

  47. Most women are not attracted to men who they perceive as not being in control of their emotions, and there is no quicker way to demonstrate that you’re not in control of your emotions then by crying in front of her. While I want to tell you that there’s a way to talk through this, the more likely reality is that she lost all attraction to you the moment she saw you crying.

  48. You have to realize that he does not value you AT ALL. He has been using you for his own selfish reasons and taking you for granted. He keeps doing it because by staying with him, you show you willingly put up with such trash behaviour. You keep giving him the GF benefits, and he'll just take those. That's just who he is.

    What you need to do is realize that having feelings for someone does not mean you need to stay with them. YOU are enough on your own and you are worthy. You need to let go of his dead weight, go no contact, and start a healing process. Until you you do so, he'll keep dragging you down. He never and won't appreciate you. Instead of wishful thinking, just walk away from what's not serving you. Learn to stand up to your needs in a relationship, and walk away when you're in such a toxic one.

    When you break up with him, he might use different manipulation tactics that include crying, screaming, guilt tripping, gaslighting, ect. But don't fall for it. Just give him a short notice to leave your place and have a friend stay over so that he keeps his behaviour in check. Until he leaves your place, do not stay 1 on 1 with him. He knows how to lure you back in, so you need support. Get all the support you need. You got this. You are worthy of a healthy loving partner, and as you've seen by his actions… He ain't the one. Your feelings are valid, so learn to listen to them and use that inner strength to leave. He's an adult, and he'll be fine.

    You're not his mother, nor his therapist. Time to have your own back.

  49. Shit.. tell him you have video of him taking the money. He wont know. And either pay it back or the police will deal with it.

  50. I am a woman and I would quite literally NEVER react to my man crying that way. She’s nasty for that, sorry.

  51. I had endometriosis removal surgery, but still had sex once a day for him.

    I am so sorry. You should never have been made to feel you have to have sex for someone else.

    He doesn't love you or he wouldn't behave like this: controlling, manipulating, feeling entitled to your body, disregard for your health, coercing you into sex. You deserve much better.

  52. My wife and I have shared our locations with each other for a long long time.

    I also shared my location with my housemates, siblings, parents, and cousins.

    It’s not necessarily controlling or untrusting behaviour to ask to have access to phone location tracking. It’s just a difference in expectations.

    I’m not suggesting you should do it, if you don’t want to, but I also think it’s worth knowing that some people are very open with location tracking/sharing with others, and don’t see it as invasive.

  53. I think you need better friends, who won't date your ex gf

    and better gfs who won't date your best friend

    I find the goobly gook about the gypsy a non-issue. She was young and naive and 17,

    but you seem insecure and that plus a bizzy bee like your gf = misery

  54. You’re right to worry about how your gf will treat children but even if she were a decent parent she’s not a decent person. This is crazy and abusive. Take the cat to the vet. Get some Prozac and feliway (the vet will recommend this anyway), get rid of the gf. She’s a not only a jerk but also an animal abuser, that should definitely be a dealbreaker even if you rehome this cat. But after a year of misery this cat will struggle with that change too.

  55. I’m really sorry for how you are being treated! A romantic song for my birthday would be an absolute dream, so you’re definitely underestimating your worth – you most definitely can do better than her!

    I don’t mean to add to your dilemma but it appears to me that she is holding you to an exceptionally high and unnecessarily very hot standard, perhaps set by the ex? It almost seems like she is desperately looking for tangible proof of your affection so that she can convince herself that she is with the right person and that she doesn’t need the ex back. Personally, I wouldn’t be able to forgive a partner if they expressed their love to that extent to their ex. I would never be able to trust their feelings for me ever again.

    Also, maybe it’s just me, but this materialistic fixation on gift-gift-gift is quite icky to me. I’ll be honest, I’ve always had this sad complaint about life that none of my partners in the past ever tried to make my birthdays special, when I’m totally a planner and like to do special thoughtful things to make birthdays special for whoever I’m with.

    But you know what my expectation is from a “special birthday”? Something meaningful like their favourite book, or a handwritten letter, or a picnic etc. I’m just telling you this to illustrate to you that even for people who want their birthdays to be a big deal, a gift shouldn’t matter as much, and if it does, a self written song should be the gold standard. So it bothers me that she brushed your effort aside.

  56. It's not just the cheating but also the lying isn't it? Everything else aside how can you ever be sure what she tells you is true? Every time she's not with you. Every time she doesn't pick up the phone right away, aren't you left wondering? That's more pain. More paranoia. For years and years. Maybe you're the type to forget eventually. Maybe not. You'll have great days together and there will be days when it all comes back to you. Think on that and decide how much you can handle.


    I was already like “no good, bro” just at your post…but she has had contact with him here and there over the years and never deleted his text messages????????


    My friend, she is very very messed up in the head. How could you possibly build a life with this person, knowing that she is capable of this level of duplicity?

    Six months. You haven’t even gone through any of the very hot stuff that you have to go through in marriage. Pregnancy/birth, caring for a baby/children/teens, job loss, bad economies, parents growing old and needing help, random catastrophes, grieving lost friends and family….there is so so so much good and really tough stuff still to come.

    Six months into marriage you should be LOCKED IN…not “curious about other dicks” and taking walks on the beach with strangers.

    I say this as a mother, as a woman who married a bad partner and stayed for 15 years trying to make it work, as a woman who remarried the most wonderful partner ever, and who has been through a lot in life: you need to burn this situation to the ground and start from scratch.

    Do you know how fucking lucky you are that you didn’t get her pregnant??


    Walk away. Fuck the sunk costs. Don’t find out what else she’s capable of. There’s nothing but anxiety, doubt, and heartbreak here for you.

    You will love again. Start over. Don’t walk this road.

  58. Lol dude what the fuck. You “found out” he was moving in with you? You didn't… just say “fuck no, that's not happening”?

  59. These relationships like this are toxic. And that is why they destroy things around them. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. The truth of the matter is humans are more comfortable with monogamy even if it’s serial monogamy. It’s very hot to develop a deep, intimate relationship with all this going on. And frankly, I know you can’t see it right now, but she was sleeping around with a bunch of people herself so she’s slightly hypocritical. I wish you the best and I hope you enjoy your trip. Good luck to you.

  60. Says the mother trying to control her adult son's marriage. You're a massive hypocrite.

    They, as an adult married couple, agreed on a boundary after he betrayed her trust. This is between them and absolutely zero to do with you.

  61. hey! as a fellow foodie dating a vegetarian (who's really basically vegan aside from the cheese cause he loves that too much) — i want to say that you're 100% in the right. you've been supporting his decision to not eat meat since the beginning of your relationship, you happily ate vegan/vegetarian with him. that was your choice, and you were happy to do it. but it's so not okay to force his diet on you. relationships should never be about forcing your partner nor about restrictions to things that make you happy.

    it seems as though he does not care about your happiness or wants — he only wants to make sure you adhere to his happiness. or wants. i, too, love cooking veggie for my boyfriend (it helps that i'm pescatarian, but i do love my salmon hehe) — but he also knows i love sushi. and he will happily go with me to some sushi place because he loves seeing me happy. he'll stick to his veggie rolls, ofc, but he's never complained about being in an environment with so much seafood, because he knows that his veggie lifestyle is his choice and his choice only.

    what your boyfriend doing to you, op, is not love. it's not care. it's control — his way or the highway. this behaviour is 100% not okay. this view is very extreme, and you're right — if he continues on this road he will eventually isolate himself from everyone and anyone.

    i'm not saying what you should do in regards to your relationship, but i definitely think it's time you put yourself first in this relationship — what makes you happy? what makes you feel loved? what kind of partner are you looking for?

    i'm sorry this happened after 8 years of being together, but people change. it's a fact of life. and sometimes, relationships can continue to thrive and be healthy and change with the people, and sometimes it can't. just remember to put yourself, your happiness, and your love for food and family, first — always.

  62. Good to hear this. My wife and I were wondering if maybe it went away because I don't have it and she disclosed having it when we started dating over 11 years ago.

  63. but don't realize (or aren't willing to accept) that it's actually herpes.

    Every time a post comes up in THIS sub involving cold sores, the comments are full of people having to be told it's herpes, they didn't know they had it. It's wild.

  64. Are you willing to handle his needs every single time he has an urge without question? Probably not. Unless porn becomes an issue where he has no interest in you at all or it starts affecting his life, then just let it be.

  65. You put it rather succinctly

    He’s not a traditional man so why does he want (or think he can have) a traditional woman?

    This red pill stuff has messed up a generation of guys

  66. Was hoping he would talk to me about everything first at least but assuming by the fact it’s been almost a whole day it’s safe to say that’s not happening

  67. He might not even be fully aware of what he’s doing, this stuff comes naturally to people with personality disorders. It’s all about maintaining power, control, and to make themselves blameless in every situation. Educate & empower yourself. You don’t need to live! like this!

  68. Does your husband make these comments at random and in a malicious way or were they all part of an earnest response during your conversation about why your relationship is currently lacking intimacy?

    If he has made it a habit to randomly remark negatively on what you wear, that of course has to stop immediately. However, if he told you about these things during an open conversation about what's going on with your sex life, then it would be really counter-productive of you to get mad at him for his honesty now.

    The way I see it, you can either be mad about what he told you about his preferences or you can use the information to your advantage and dress in a way he likes when your goal is to seduce him. He doesn't have to like what you wear all the time. You're not dressing for him, you're dressing for yourself and to make yourself feel comfortable and sexy. But when you do want to dress for him, you now know what to wear and what not to wear.

  69. Your wife is looking for belief in a higher power of some sort, and some control in a horrible situation. Having a child with a disability is devastating as you know, it makes you question everything. If this brings some comfort and peace to your wife, then that’s a good thing. She’s not hurting anyone and she’s found some relief. I would just go with it.

  70. This isn't really a relationship issue, this is a personal issue you need to work on. If you're able to do therapy, that would probably be a good place to start.

  71. Break it off now. Do not delay. You are incompatible. She needs to grieve and start moving. You are wasting her. Have some consideration.

  72. Jeez looking at you previous posts, looks like this guy has been abusing you for years! Everyone is telling you to break up. I really hope you do this time because it sounds like you’ve tried several times but haven’t. Please don’t let the cycle repeat again

  73. When you are anywhere but in the house with him you are happy . You can tolerate him when you are outside because other things distract you . You don't want to marry this guy . It was a lackluster proposal from a lackluster guy . You know that . He just showed you all that you need to know about him and your lackluster future if you marry him .

  74. I’m going to trust you.. because I’m in the bathroom and I don’t need some NSFW audio to pop off and my wife to think I’m in here watching porn ? Because I’M MARRIED!!

  75. He’s literally punishing “friends”mover his pregnant wife. It’s very disrespectful.

    Then what stood out to me when he said “you don’t trust me”. Those phrases are thrown about when they have a guilty conscience. I’d wager he’s done so in the past or is happening currently for him to throw that out there when it was never mentioned. You’ve only mentioned the I pod your pregnancy and not wanting to be alone should something happen.

    He’s terribly insecure and childish. He hasn’t realize that family comes before camping w frat buddies in another state.

    When my wife was pregnant and near the end I didn’t even want to go to work 30 minutes away. I worked nights and she called me and said I needed to come home unexpectedly. Our daughter was born premature.

    Too many things can have even if it isn’t a high risk pregnancy. Him saying “what if nothing happens “or whatever it was just showed how little he cares s you right now and how much more he cares about going camp and getting drunk out in the woods. Which is another thing he needs to take into cons. If he’s intoxicated and you have to go into the hospital he can’t even leave until he’s sober enough to drive which could take hours depending on how bad off he is. So add a few hours to sober up to the drive time and maybe he’ll see he can’t get home as fast as he may think.

    And it’s just the mere fact you don’t sent to be alone and want him with you he doesn’t get.

    It says a lot that you just want him home with you & your pregnancy and he just wants to be out w strangers for some drunken fun. His priorities are truly screwed up.

  76. I think we’re not, but i think i need to talk about that with her instead of confronting her about that. Thank you for commenting


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