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10 thoughts on “the hot live! sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. My man she was using you and I think is better that she left a woman like that is trash,see it as a gift of God that she left,take that as an example of life.

  2. If you respect your boyfriend and your relationship you wouldn’t go you can schedule another holiday.

  3. Question – how often do you go to her place? It seems like a lot of effort for her to come visit you so just want to make sure you also do the trip to her as well. Lots of resentment can certainly build up – you're spending money for her but she's also spending her time for you.

    Otherwise, from your point of view, it feels like the relationship is already dead in the water if she goes straight to the nuclear option of “I want my stuff back” based off a single incident.

  4. OP admitted there was shared leftover food in the fridge they had ordered before… she just didnt want that.

  5. If you feel you need to compete with porn…like WTF?

    Does he watch a lot of porn? This is not something YOU need to compete with. If he needs to watch less porn to have a normal relationship that is something HE needs to fix.

    Also, what does “fish” mean? Slippery and always moving? Limp fish? This can have a thousand meanings.

    If he meant it in a NOT NICE way then you actually just learned something unplesamt about HIM.

    Think about that. His insults do not mean that you are doing anything wrong.

    It could mean that his nice and loving mask has started to slip off.

    Usually it starts to slip around 8 months – 1 year if most of the relationship is good.

    You made a long list of noce things you are doing. So ask yourself why you think You are the problem? Why not him?

    Stop having sex when he roommates are home. You clearly don't like it. Just tell him you aren't doing omit anymore when the house is full of people. This is a good Boundary to creat to find out whether he respects YOU or if he just wants SEX.

    If he is pushy about getting sex, tell him to masturbate and leave. Go home when ANYONE is pushy about getting sex in a situation like this.

  6. Please leave him! So much anxiety and stress. You would hold up everything because he acts like a brat!


  7. “Neither of us are willing to give up on what we want.”

    Any advice on how to work past this or a middle ground?”

    There’s no middle ground. Your boyfriend wants to have sex with other people. You don’t.

    I’m really sorry but I just don’t see a compromise on this. He has already demonstrated that he’s going to keep harassing you after you told him no. I don’t see the point in staying with someone who doesn’t respect you and doesn’t share your values.


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