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  1. You are literally a teenager. Don’t get engaged or married yet. Your brain isn’t fully developed until you are 25, you haven’t finished college, you don’t even know what career you are going to have.

    Is she also going to pressure you to have babies before you are ready? She could pull the same stunt and get pregnant before you graduate, forcing you to quit school to provide for your child, derailing your life plan.

    Don’t wreck your life over some arbitrary deadline.

  2. And that is great advice.

    OP, it will behoove you as much to be with someone who is satisfied with you as it will her to be with someone who satisfies

  3. Nothing you wrote is legally correct (in the United States). And none of the examples you gave even bear on how courts evaluate parenting. Sure, those may be considerations if both parents are fighting for custody. But one parent actively doesn't want a child, and a court cannot under any circumstances force a parent to take custody.

    The last thing a court will do is put a kid with a parent who refuses to take a child.

  4. SO because you made a shitty choice, your money is worth more than hers? no- I hope groom see all this and cancels your ticket. Or they find a way to utterly humiliate you if you do show up- you are the worst. Like, get therapy. Get a dang JOB. And maybe with time you will get new friends, cause trust me- none of this group wants you around anymore- no matter what “history” you want to pretend you have with the groom.

  5. That's what I said too. But he says he had to tell him why he couldn't go, and that all men complain to each other about their girlfriends.

  6. Jesus this is brutal to read. You're having a mid-life crisis and are going to blow up your marriage because you want to run back to a boy you knew as a teenager. Sorry your marriage isn't perfect, but I imagine you'd find flaw in this man as well, because he is also human.

    Leave because it's bad. Not because you think going back to “the one that got away” will be your fairy tale. I hope your husband never sees this.

  7. So she called you and your job slimy.

    So tell her that in that case none of the slimy money will be used for her.

    Tell her that you will keep the status quo, and put the same amount of money into the marriage and home as now, but that all the increase in salary from this job and any promotions or new jobs afterwards will be yours and yours alone to spend.

    Watch how fast she back tracks and apologises when you are spending 50k a year on things for yourself.


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