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9 thoughts on “the hard live! sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. Good for you for asking her to split upfront, then. Because by her response she very well could've done the same thing and this other women.

    Maybe it'd be best to pass on this girl altogether. It's okay to be like hey I'm looking for someone who wants to do things 50/50.

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  3. This man put his hands on you to “Make a point”.

    That point was that he has to use physical force to get his way to silence you. He did this while you were in a vulnerable position, driving the car, and unable to prevent him from stopping his behavior or moving away.

    This is a HUGE ASS RED FLAG and this is why you feel so shocked over his behavior.

    This is boundary pushing and seeing what he can get away with. This is the start to physical abuse. The little jabs/touches that while they may not hurt, are used to manipulate you into “behaving” a certain way.

    These touches always escalate. The fact that his first “touch” was the mouth is extremely concerning because abusers tend to gravitate to the same bodily location when they attack their victims again.

    Please, please, please, leave this guy!!!

    Side note: I know this is more anecdotal but my ex started with similar behavior. Would pitch temper tantrums during board games if he wasn't winning and also thought that using his hand to cover my mouth during arguments was a good way to stop me talking.

    He started abusing me and one of his favorite ways to do so was to try to suffocate by holding his hand over my mouth and my nose until I passed out or came close to doing so.

    Don't be me OP. Get the hell out of this relationship!

  4. If she’s 23 and just graduated from high school a year ago, does she have disabilities? Because this would make it so much worse.

  5. My friend group has the lets mind our business attitude

    Your friend group is a bunch of garbage people and so are you for staying cool with an abuser. Hope your bf realizes this soon.

  6. Ask yourself this really quickly without thinking. If you have to choose between the two men, who are you choosing? Your gut answer will tell you what you need to know. You and a lot of people seem to think that an exclusive relationship is talking about sex. It’s much more than that. Who are you giving your time to? Who are you giving your affection to? Who comes first in your life? It sounds like you are giving your ex everything but sex and treating your BF second in your life.

    You are having an emotional affair if you’re even considering leaving your BF over this. You are literally choosing your ex over him, first emotionally and soon literally. If I were you, I’d talk to your ex and explain what is going on. Set him up with people that can help him besides you, get him in therapy. Tell your BF what you are doing and give him a time frame in which you will step away. My guess is your ex if he’s really a good friend would hate to get in between you two.

  7. I completely get that. I like to make things like body butter, soap, and perfumes. This Christmas I took some commissions and made gifts for coworkers to give to their loved ones. It was fun, but also added stress to what was a completely stress and commitment free hobby. If I wasn't working on the commissions I wasn't making anything through the holiday season, because they just took up too much creative energy. It was still enjoyable to make the gifts, but working on any projects that weren't getting me closer to keeping promises (and getting paid) just weren't worth the effort during that period.


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