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  1. I disagree.

    Unless the kid is overly dependent on his mom, he will like having his own room, and probably will love having HIS own room! Bring some of his favorite things, whether that is a teddy bear, toys, or even favorite kids blanket from home. At 6, you have to bring some compact toys to keepbhim busy. Include a new puzzle that is easy to pack in a Ziploc bag. Make sure the room has a TV or iPad so he can do kids videos and games. When you arrive you both take him to his room first and introduce it to him as awesome and then personalize it with him. Let him guide you both as to where his toys go, and let him take ownership of the process. Introduce him to the kids programs on his TV. Place his iPad and get it on wifi so he can access his content. Make it clear that is his room and don't familiarize him with your room. Never put kids content on the TV of your room.

    Been there, and done this. Done correctly, by establishing appropriate boundaries, it will be a win!

  2. Is this your GF or is this your WIFE?

    I think the kind of advice you get will vary depending on which one.

  3. The problem is not that you don't trust her, because even if she's 100% platonic with him now there's still the issue.

    The problem is that you are unhappy with them being close because they are currently emotionally close and were physically intimate in the past, which is understandable. (I know some Redditors will chew you up for being insecure, but tbh not everyone can accept their SO being friends with their ex and that's ok)

    Just tell her, plain and simple, how her relationship makes you feel. Your feelings are valid, but you also have to accept that she value her friendship with her ex, so you'd need to reach a compromise with her.

  4. You need to admit you were very foolish, and simply do better in life. This is all on you, and you're subjected to what you say in life.

  5. That’s a pretty harsh belief to have about a huge segment of the world, especially young people. Judging a 13, 15, 17 year old that harshly when they’re still growing and learning about the world makes you worse than the people you’re criticizing.


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