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17 thoughts on “soren , ? next show mon sept 19 the naked online sex chat with hottest babes with a LIVE Cams

  1. As a girl who got cheated on and also still loves the guy, I would advice you to stay away… this will end bad. Give her time to heal and move on. If you still have feelings for her afterwards, you can see what happens. But if you go through with this now, you will get hurt.

  2. My father's family used to treat my mother as a lesser being than the other sister in law. Because she was Irish and my mother wasn't. We kids noticed. Her daughter/my cousin was embarrassed by it. Mind you, the other sister in law did not buy into it! And was always good to my mom. But we kids knew.

  3. This itself is the biggest redflag, now he wants to shave, maybe in future he will hate almost everything about you. Don’t let him suck your soul.

  4. would it be an immature move to just let the friendship fizzle out? i honestly don’t know.. If Lara isn’t making an effort that should be pretty easy

  5. It’s worth remembering if your friend in on a stable dose of HIV medication there is zero chance of her passing it on to anyone. The virus becomes completely undetectable and non transmissible.

  6. I dunno this is weird. He knew it was inappropriate. If he truly wasn’t sure if it was inappropriate he would’ve asked so he knew cause he didn’t want you to stop him. I’m not sure what his end game here is but it should definitely give you pause. I was pretty close to my wife’s best friend for a while and not only would I never have bought something like that, it would’ve never crossed my mind. In fact I’d never buy something like that for anyone other than my significant other. Something’s up

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  8. except your whole argument is that they’re not mAtUrE or lOgiCaL enough to date… but enough so to fuck… mkay buddy

  9. I don't think it's depression. It takes more effort to do what he's doing than to walk to the bathroom. If he wants to stay married, he needs to agree to stop doing this, and go see a psychiatrist.

  10. Realize that she isn’t going to improve unless she decides to make changes. Break up with her and find someone more compatible.

  11. Right? Why eat a hard dog when you can have unlimited filet mignon? But also, why exclusively eat very hot dogs…

  12. Then don't say “doesn't care.” It's clear he cares.

    But this is still abuse. Abusive people care. Abusive people love you and then proceed to psychologically damage you.

    It's probably not even malicious or intentional. They don't mean to be so emotional or mean. But they are. I know, you see so much good in him. And I'm sure there is a lot of good. But judge the relationship on the worst times, not the best.

    IMO this isn't going to get better. Proceed with caution.


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