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Seviliya, 20 y.o.

Location: France

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7 thoughts on “Seviliya the hot live sex chat with hottest babes with a Live HD

  1. eone that young. All kinds of issues in age gap relationships like that

    Okay, but since he didn't suggest a 2nd date, wouldn't that imply that he's not interested in me?

  2. In that case yes gross

    Depends on where they were in terms of life exerience

    Although given the post I think it’s fair to say he’s a creep

  3. So, he showed up unannounced in December? How long had you all been in contact before that?

    Honestly, this sounds like sheer insanity. What rational, level headed person does this. And to top it off, he's from Florida? And you met on tik tok?

    Nope. No. Nah. Nuh-uh.

    Please, have a friend or family member stay with you for, at the very least, a week. If he doesn't show up within that time, he probably doesn't remember how to get to your place.

    Look yourself up on Google to see if your current address pops up anywhere. I think there's a way to remove it.

    Does he know where you work? If so, tell your coworkers what is happening, show them his picture and make sure none of them confirm that you work there if he shows up, and make sure no one calls you to the phone (work number) if you happen to get a call that way.

    This is not cute, romantic, sweet or anything other than creepy, scary and a million red flags.

    Please stay safe!

  4. Your ex is right for protecting her children. You have to understand that your own child saw an adult drink alcohol which can be a door opening for your own child to drink in her future and also get addicted on it. Because you normalised that behaviour in her life…. because having a glass is not a big deal right? Don't normalise drinking in front of your kids. You don't have them all the time so you can do that little action to protect them from future habits that you know how easy it is to loose control of! When they get older you can discuss things but until then you don't know what effect small habits like that have on their perception.

  5. Lol she made so many decisions to cheat on you and yes setting is cheating if you let her convince you otherwise I have a bridge to sell you. You don't trust her anymore abd you probably won't ever again and will most likely be wasting your time with her


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