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4 thoughts on “Sasha the naked online sex chat with hottest babes with a Live HD

  1. You're screwed, game over. Always make sure to check out the sisters before things go too far with the wrong one

  2. She BIG mad the only shot her man child of a son had at giving her grand kids is gone. She’s gonna have to start taking him to the park again to find a new GF. And no hate to you OP, I dated the same man children in my 20s, hell I married one. Rarely do age gaps work out when you’re this young TBH. I always dated 9-15 years older than me until I met my husband after my first marriage. There is something about being able to better vet your partner from a maturity standpoint when you’re both around the same age. Also, power and financial resources are typically not so skewed, and fuck ups are easier to spot.

  3. I guess I want him to acknowledge that we’re a couple and like you said, commitment means that he’s willing to put in the work to make the relationship work. Also, this gives me the feeling of security because I am anxious of what has happened in the past.

    In his defense, he’s only had one girlfriend in high school and since then has had failed relationships. So I understand his hesitancy with not wanting to commit yet, especially when we had this phase of having disagreements. But I’m not sure how long I will stay if we continue to be in this limbo.


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