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Sarah and Matt, 21 y.o.


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9 thoughts on “Sarah and Matt the naked live sex chat with hottest babes with a Live HD

  1. So she is the kind of girl that is easily annoyed by any sort of arguments, problems or misunderstanding.

    Run. This is NOT a personality type that makes for a good partner in a loving relationship.

  2. Exactly. I don’t even talk like this when I’m single, I definitely wouldn’t talk like that in a relationship. I could maybe see me saying something like that back when I was single and in college but in my 30’s?

  3. You can't make an introvert and extrovert. You also can't make someone be religious who isn't. She's trying to force you to be what she wants instead of accepting you for who you are.

    My husband is an introvert and I haven't ever tried to change him. We'll go and do things, but not every day. She needs to find someone more like her and you need to find someone who won't try to force you to be someone you're not.

  4. Yeah seems pretty sketchy, but considering you haven’t talked to her at all to see her side, what can we really say? Does she have a history of sketchy behavior? Need more context


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