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  1. Being hurt that she is trying to make friends and be there for her friends is wrong and contradicts your comment about not being territorial. The issue with her having to be the center of attention seems like the only actual issue. And you have to figure out if she is forcing the attention or if it is natural. If it happens naturally than it’s that your group puts her there. If she is legit stealing the attention from everyone than everyone should have an issue about it.

  2. Do you find your thinking about it less and less each day? When you do think about it does it feel like a punch in the gut but it doesn't last as long? If that's the case you'll likely get over it with time but if those feelings change the way you are around her that's not fair on her.

  3. When you don't treat people right, they generally tend to find someone who will. It's as simple as that. Did you think you could neglect her and on-line your life while she remained frozen waiting for you? She isn't nearly as bad you are and I'm sure she will realise she can do much better once she thinks this through. You don't deserve sympathy for this. The real question is do you think she would've cheated on you had you behaved correctly? Did you cause this to happen or atleast push her in that direction?

  4. Oh, friend. He absolutely cheated on you and it’s heartbreaking that you’re trying to minimize it. I know it’s painful but sticking your head in the sand isn’t going to help. He grossly betrayed you, knowingly risked your entire relationship because that’s how little he respects and values you.

  5. The amount of his, mine and, ours is about the same. At least from where I stand havinghad to do all the packing to date. What I have in tools, rc cars and, gaming things is what he has in books, speakers and, Legos. Then there is our Hotwheels. Yes, we are just big kids. This seems to less about space then underlying issues I will not go into here. However I will say this, “Pack your shit and don't touch my stuff!” is something I have heard more than once. That right there is a disconnect for me. And, he has yet to pack anything of his belongings. Leading to the enviable saying from me of “Your stuff is starting to get in the way of my shit. Please do something with it so I can get to my shit.” And so on and so forth.

    Jane, stop this crazy thing! (Not his name, just a saying)

  6. We have sex quite a bit when we’re together but have to keep it very quiet because we live with our families making any kind of experimental sex or foreplay very difficult to do. He works nights and I work days but try to make an effort to stay up and so does he so when we’re together we go on dates and we do other stuff like walks in the park, going to the movies and recently he even asked my parents if he could marry me. But like…sex when we’re together is short and he really wants me to give him a bj (and I do but like he wants a bj all the time while he’s gaming or if by chance we shower together) and in his mind I think me not doing it all the time means I don’t sexually desire him. That’s definitely not the case! I let him know when I’m in the mood but it’s not all the time. Yes, i have self confidence issues and am overweight which he told doesn’t turn him off at all. I just want him to not compare me to internet posts.

  7. So he’s a dead beat father, still playing gig to gig, lives with his parent, and cannot show up or be honest about why he can’t show up on a first date? Run for the hills! The immaturity would only be matched by a a 16yo.


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